Life Stinks

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, February 08, 2006 in
Ah well, no doubt about it...It stinks!


1: When you're feeling happy about something, and your maids run away, and being the only 'girl' available in the house, you have to take the responsibilies. [Girls, don't you just hate that?] Your happiness goes straight down the drain. :-/

2: Now, the shocking news....I can't keep you guys waiting for the not-so-good thing....so here it goes. Got 3.25 GPA. Yeah, yeah. All those who think this is good are just....well, leave it... And those who think I could have done better are very right! Cuz, I DID do better and really I deserved a better grade... in Accounting especially. *gets out of control* You really don't know how much I studied for it. I would spend days and nights just in balancing those ultra idiotic Bank Statements and Balance Sheets. You don't know how much ink I have wasted in those days. I've not had two hours undisturbed sleep since my exams. My horrifying teacher and those horrific grades would haunt me all the night and I would search for a place to hide. I started having eternal headache. Argh!!! Now, as it is all over, the result's here, still my headache is not leaving me easily. Probably because this wave of anger is not receding. And to top it off, I'll have to study Accounting for almost 4 years! Cuz it's all about 2+2= *calculates* oh yeah... = 4! Heck!

And today was the awefulliest moment when I figured out that I got a B in Accounting. Had it been a B of O/A Levels, it would have been okay, cuz B means 80% - 89%. But, as I don't remember, and don't even want to recall the percentage limit of B here in the university, I can't tell you. Heaven's goodness, today I didn't find my teacher's car in the parking, or I would have seriously stoned it! Our teacher would not allow us to use the terms Debtor/Creditor but would insist on using Accounts Recievable/Accounts Payable. I mean, who has got TIME to write such long, almost half-paged words????

But well, the thing that made me (err...not so) glad was that I got an A in Economics. That was confirmed though. And most importantly who can't get an A in an easy course as this. Got a B+ in Applied Math. I'm glad about it. *pronounces with disgust*Got B in all other courses!

3: I want John Grisham's 'Broker'!!!! Do you hear it??? I really really really want to read a goooooood book. Suggest me more pwease. [Reading Arms and the Man by G.B.Shaw. It's about to end, so I need a new book before it ends].

4: Life stinks because I'm having a headache AGAIN...Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Someday, the world will face a shortage of Disprins!

5: And this idiotic mosquito is not leaving me..Heck...It's just one but seriously a pain in the neck! I've made several hopeless attempts in killing it, but that lucky creature always finds a way out of my palms. Errrr. I think I am not trying to kill it. I really can't kill roaches, their kiddy roaches, lizards, their baby lizards and idiotic mosquitoes. Once, I accidently killed a mosquito. I really had no intention of touching it, but the annoyance it was creating for me urged me to try once and kill it. I made a weak attempt and that thing landed lazily on my foot. My hands and foot got drenched in crimson blood. Yuck!!! I know how I washed that filth! *slaps the air to shoo the ill creature away and searches for Mortein*

6: Yikes! It's quarter past 2. But I am not sleepy!!! Does anybody know a good lullaby by a famous singer??

Cheerio folks!!!



unlucky umem.
lucky gnat.

1: awwwwww happens :P.

2: ITS A GOOD GPA, get it??

3: The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

4: *smacks

5: maybe the mosquito has crush on u :P or maybe some long lost lover turned into a mosquito by a scary witch :P and u know how to break the cruse ;)?

6: *smacks again.


Here I discover the term 'Na-shukra pan'. U'r crying over 3.2 GPA, it sounds to me like someone is crying over spilit milk. Its awesome and believe me till 3rd semester u can fuel it high. Bcoz all are quantative and calculation based courses enuff help u to get an A. Specially this upcoming 2nd semester is full of opportunities ppl grab it fully chk out the course contents gal! And in Bahria B's range is not 80-80% =P. Its 73 to 79% =). That's B+ and A's zone.

LOL i too got four B's andddddddddddd two C+s bcoz i know cost has fully ruined me this time. This course was truely devastating. Sorry but accounting is not my cup of tea and BC's paper was lenthy alot so in order to finish it on time I made hefty of blunders. So that's how I scored exact 3 GPA [I'm sticked on it from last semester]. Ahan see how much it decreased, I scored 3.5 in my first semester.

Any gpa above 3 is good!! :)so try to maintain it.
I scored exactly the same in My first Sem.
You can do better next time, grades depends a lot on your different subjects and different teachers that you get! so Best of luck for next sem.
Take care.

P.S: You can try Jeffery Archer's Short stories. They are good.

Mosquitoes don't have crimson blood... wonder what poor creature you murdered! :) Good luck with your studies!

c told u its a good gpa grrrrrrrmsaad

1. Great news.. acha hai tumhari exercise hojaye gi. Btw for how many days have she gone?

2. Its not great but good for sure. Be thankful and work more hard =P

3. My Feudal Lord, The Alchemist and Zahir by Paulo Coelho, The Kitter Runner, bohat saari hain.. if you need e-books then just lemme know.

4. Taking Disprins have become such a fashion these days sach main.

5. Mosquitos suck literally and otherwise too. I hate 'em but cockroaches are so fun.. the tickle you.

6. Why don't you try Mehdi Hasan's Ghazals.. they will take straight into the state of coma then you won't have to worry time and again.

1. lol...you will benefit a lot both mentally and physically :P

2. its neither the zenith nor the nadir but its good :). I am sure you will lift it up in the coming semesters. Prayers will be there always . My result is expected soon too.

3.Wordplay: Ambigrams and Reflections on the Art of Ambigrams (John Langdon)
Codes Ciphers & Other Cryptic & Clandestine Communication (Fred Wrixon)

I have Deception Point, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown and AlChemist by Paulo coelho all in the queue waiting to be read :(.

4. AT least it indicates you have something in your head :P ;).

Khudkushi na karain....Hum sey rujoo karain :D... lol..

Take some pills :).

5. Mosquitoes suck bigtime!

oops i forgot my signature...

with regards

~Harris: Life's like that!!!

~Acro: Got your point...I have to increase, or atleast maintain it! *sighs*. Lol @ mosquito. 2 many smacks for today, right? :$

~Gullay: *reads the last line of her comment and cries* But you still got 3.5 in your first sem...You're a genius and am not!!!!! Arghhhhhhh

~Moon: 4 months in the uni have passed and I haven't yet found you. Saddening! *fires a tricky question*Anyways, what GPA did you get??? :P Thanks for your recommendation. =)

~Mariam: That one had!!! Or probably it seemed to me...hehehe. Thanks

~Acro: You keep telling me...Me Dinky Mind cannot get out of this grief!!! :(

~Raheel: It's been 2 days since they've left.
Send me the e-books...hehehe.
Cockroaches and tickling??? *vomits* you're ewwwwy
Don't have Mehdi Hasan...hahah

~FM: Thanks =) Send me Alchemist. I'd return it to you in a week :p...Lol @ khudkushi!!

oh ... well no no ... its not stinking ... take it easy :)

1: happens sometimes ... so dont worry ... u'll find another maid soon ... inshah allah... so chill ... :)

2: lolz one of my best[est] frnds who's doing her mba from bahria today called and announced similar story ... so dont worry they are many with u ... u'll have quite sme chances to do well in futur!

3: consult any book shop :)

4:go take some sleep :P

5: try to bite that mosquite he'll die :)

6: if u get ur hands n some share it with me too :>

bon nuit!

god its 1:54 ... i wana wake early so ta ta :)

work is world. and household work is the utopian world.

hmmm... i surely agree wth ya umem... life definately stinks coz its never da way u want it too...

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