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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, February 12, 2006 in
There was once a time when, like other kids, I would lie too much. Every minute would consist of a brand new lie.

"You did your homework?"
"Yes, I did."

are one of the ordinary, day-to-day lies. When I joined my O-Levels, I didn't get the right type of company (hehe). So I cultivated the habit of lying too much. Too too much. When other kids would have those Mercedes, I would also keep the latest model of Lexus. Even now if people say, I drive Ferrari, I also go like saying, "So what, I drive an Aston Martin too." But hey, this is not a lie. I really drive Aston Martin [in NFS] :P. People would even visit their cousins in London on a mere weekend. So, I would also go and enjoy my summer vacations in the Cayman Island. =)

But after my O-Levels, when all of us ran to different schools for A-Levels, I became a better kid again. Hehe. But again, as I am not that lucky, I got a few classmates who'd lie. Well, there was just one. He would have his business in almost every continent. Mine was not. He would earn a monthly income in 6-7 figures, that too in Dollars! I was happy on my Rs. 200. He would blah a lot and I, like other people, would stay quiet and make fun after he's gone.

Probably I got a piece of mind from somewhere or what, but I really tried, and even succeeded, in talking truth! For instance, now when I don't do lunch and mom asks me, "Have you had your lunch?", I can't say Yes. She glares and scolds me when I say a NO, but seriously YES doesn't pop out of my mouth. If she asks, "How much did you spend?", I answer honestly and tell exactly how much money I wasted and in what. But now, she doesn't ask me =)

Sometimes I think why people lie. To save themselves or to save others? Whatever the reason is it's not good. And I am trying not to lie as frequenly as I used to. Hehehe....

Cheerio folks =)



We all are liars in those ages but I didn't lie that much like you.. lolz!! It was interesting and funny too.. afterall I am on Dinky's blog yaar :)

unkymood is all gone.. try imood.com but it is not cute :@

hawwww u liedddddddd, nooooooooooooo *jumps out of the window.

but yea this habit of lying is no good at all :(, sighs. Ok I dont lie much but sumtimes it just pops out and even I get surprised :S.

LOLZ ... so how many chocs u r eating on daily basis ????????????and how could i forget chips:)

no lies..... OK :P

U had uite big big in fact high high lies ... i dont remember mine ;-p

~Raheel: Hehehe...I'd lie for fun only. We all knew we're lying, but would pretend that every word was correct ;)

~Acro: I did!!!!! hahaha...Now, I don't lie. Now is this a lie? :p

~Asma: Chocs??? What are these? :P Nah bhae, haven't eaten chocs for a looooooooooong time...and chip...I have forgotten their taste :( Me serious

Pata nahi is main kitna such hai kitna jhoot :D..lol

with regards

Nice post!

Anonymous says:

I salute Ur moral courage of speaking truth.
(is this wut U wanted, OK u've got it.)

Anonymous says:

assalam o alaikum!
good old days...i hope ur fine behan ji...n u remember me too..came here after a long time.. but good to c ur blog in full swing , keep it up...
MAY ALLAH b with u

sigh no hope :(

Anonymous says:


Will you please write next time about howcome you come up with such good ideas to write about, and then how do you manage writing in such a natural flow?


what are you taliking about ^_^


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

~FM: Sab jhoot hay! Aur yehi sach hay! :P

~Shirazi: Thanks =)

~WIAN: Understood everything except the words in parenthesis... Sowwie!

~Khattak: Alhamdolillah, am too good. I hope you visit my blog soon. Thanks for the prayers =)

~Acro: Not at all :P

~Shuaib: *inflates like a helium balloon with happiness* My goodness, I am so flattered. Hehehe...Thanks for the nice adjective that you have used in your comment, though there are many others who deserve the same =)

~Harris: Ah well....just nothing! :P

~Acro: look who's talking! :P Acha na...kerti houn. wait!

~Vaqas: I know what you wrote. :P As for present, I am trying not to lie...And I find myself pretty successful in it. Seriously!! :P

sweet :)

Anonymous says:

salaam .
This is my 1st post here ..the 1st ..on the net.
Its all gr8 u done,and by this u also make many ppl to avoid lieing. but i m puzzling.....how u manage 15-16 years of bloging..i cant imagine...
....but its all offensive..U should continue with this crushing effort.

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