Bad day!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, August 28, 2005 in
Murphy's Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

[...and at the worst possible time]

I need not explain it. And please don't even ask me to.



Anonymous says:

Look at Harris weeping at http://urdublog.blogspot.com/2005/08/2.html

awww, *hugz* but for every action tehres an equal and opposite reaction too :P so just wait and it'll all sort out :D

can we offer candies instead ?

w/c to the club

w/c to the club


Anonymous says:

Thanks Dink Mind for your first long comment and approbation. I will InshaAllah continue speaking truth :) Uss ki ammi ko namak mirchain laga kar batana. Here is the third post alongwith other two


Bye the way, harris ney jab aap kau pehli post dikhai tau kia reaction tha uss ka aur aap ka.
mein aap kau aap iss lieye keh raha hoon because you are one year older than me(AAPI !). Please reply to this comment on my blog or email me.

Ohhhh.......... kiya hogaya ??????? oooooops poochna nahi hay laikin phir bhi ... khuch tu pata chalay naa :)

hope abbb everythings fine :)

love ya take carez


hmmmmmmmmmm...smellimg unusuall.

*huging ya*

now be smart and tell us whatever u've sufferd....Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmuah sorry for doing so in public.... hehehehe

hay thsi Murphey's Law is my Takya Kalaam I love to blurt it out with this on some evilish situation .... hehehe... no no I m not wicked yara

now i am curious .. :S ..

shall i bug lucy to tell me :/

hey remember u used to heer me up when i was down...now whu r u so down... lemme se a smile now..

Dont worry dd, everything will sort out InshaAllah. Waisay do tell us whats the problem. And keep in mind 'Never tell Allah How big is your problem, Always tell your problem How big is your Allah.' Praying for the best.

Batana zaroor kia howa hai?
(Pehlay do dafa post kia per howa nai, mera third comment hona tha.) abi im in hurry, qadeer ki post bhi nai perhi.)

Thanks everybody for your comments.

Things are better now.

Be happy now :)

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