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Name: Bushi.
Nickname: Hitler.
D.o.B.: May 24. (So, happy birthday to you)
Age: 8 years, and some hours old.
Likes: P-eSh. (PS - Play Station)
Dislikes: Everything that he doesn't know, for example, YOU ;)

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present to you my Pathan little brother, Bushi! [Click to enlarge the picture and see how he's wearing his slippers] =)

Some Details:

He's very energetic. He lovessss wrestling! And knows every move. Once he wrestled with me and I almost died that day. Uff. Andddd, he loves crying, and screaming (میرا بھائی جو ھوا) . He also likes doing 'monkey dance' (which has no connection with monkeys).

The most interesting part of his personality is his speech! You can't understand his speech in the first instance. Because, you don't have a habit of hearing 'Doatoak' instead of Doctor; 'Hoshteepal' instead of Hospital, 'Jhimb-bhoot' instead of Jin-Bhoot, 'Jail-wia' instead of Jawayria (the name). You are not proned to hear words like 'Qamayat' instead of Qayamat, 'Ba-lack' instead of Black, 'Chongee' instead of Chowrangi (roundabout) and finally, 'Mashaylia' instead of Malaysia!

He says he knows english. His vocabulary is very advanced and extensive, for example, "Fridge", "milk", "Pepsi", "Cartoon Network", "I want to go to the toilet", "I am a good boy", and "You are a bad girl"!

He is a very good artist. That's why all his drawings beat Picasso's masterpieces. One is as follows.

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He thinks arms come out from the stomach, and hair are always 4 in number and standing straight on the head. People have no ears and no nose. They are always smiling like this. And they stand in this position always.

He is a very intelligent bacha. And he has a habit of asking questions. Once, he asked:
جب مرغا آذان دیتا ھے تو مرغی کیا کرتی ھے؟
Thought-provoking question, isn't it?
Well, we tried to answer him by saying,
اس وقت مرغی نماز پڑھتی ھے
And he felt satisfied when he got the answer.

Bushi is a very modern boy. That's why on our brother's wedding he got confused when he had to wear 'khussas'. For more than an hour, he kept trying which shoe is for the right foot, and which one is for the left!

If, unfortunately, he sleeps next to you, then you recieve a nice, free dose of strong punches, kicks, and slaps! (And unfortunately, most of the time, I am that unfortunate person). Oh, one more thing. He tells you stories while he's asleep. If he's not telling you stories, then he's definately snoring, trying his level best to make you sit up all night and count sheep.

But, no matter how idiotic he acts sometimes, I still love him.

*Remember, I am not going to give you my blanket.*

Pray that he become a successful person in life. Ameen.

Cheerio =)



Ameen , he cutest :D.

Anonymous says:

Your Pathan little brother? Are you pathan? :/

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