Strange feelings

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, May 02, 2005 in
1- These days I am feeling extra hungry. Don't know if I am in a mood of breaking Miss Trunchbull's record. (If you have read 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl, you'd know what I am talking about) *Right now, I am eating Water Melon* But hey, I am not fat enough to play hopscotch like this: 'Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angels, Seattle....' Am I?

2- I am feeling ultra sleepy these days. The fequency of my yawns is 6 yawns/ minute, making each yawn 10 seconds long! *yawnssss* (They say I forget to close my mouth when I open it for yawning...It now seems true)

3- I'm studying more than usual. A miracle, isn't it? ;) I have finally realised that my French exam is near and I 'have' to study, whether I like it or not.

4- I don't hate my untidy room anymore! Rather, I now empty my dustbin on my desk, and shelves. I am seeing a half-eaten cashew nut on my table from the past one or two weeks, and I don't have enough energy to pick that 'lawaris' thing up and either keep it in my mouth or give it to the birds. (Oh, that's the height of laziness now!) And then, my room is so dirty that you have to wipe your feet before you come out.

5- My Dinky Mind is shrinking day by day. I am afraid some day it will vanish, as these days I can feel my thoughts evaporating! Prayers needed.

6- I am missing rain a lot. Whenever I see a rainy scene on TV, I feel like jumping in there and play with those kids. (My dear blogger friends, please don't boil my blood by telling me that you're enjoying good weather).

7- I'm outta money these days. I am becoming poor....so poor that I can't even pay attention! Awww...

8- Thought of the day: "Don't look out of the window.People will think that it's Halloween".




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