Its very URGENT

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, May 09, 2005 in
I need your prayers!!!!
Things are going pretty out of control these days. Here is a summary of all these things!

1-Bomb balst! : Today a 10-tonned bomb blasted upon poor me, when I heard my teacher announcing the date of our French exam! Can you imagine it's Mai 16, 2005!?! Coming Monday!!!! Just after 6 days! I haven't studied a word. I am something below than poor in grammar. And my vocabulary is zero. Am dead! Please buy flowers for my funeral.

2- Arrival confirmed! : Papa is coming to Pakistan after just 4 days. So, before his arrival, I have to clean my ever messy house. I don't know why Karachi is so rich in dust, and why is our house like a strong magnet to dust, dirt and other kachra stuff! I wish I could have an ultra powerful vacuum cleaner for my home.

3- My cupboard: Did I ever mention cleaning my cupboard??? I think, I did. A month ago I cleaned half of it. The other half part is still to be cleaned. I am planning to clean it tomorrow. But my plans always fail.

4- Tension augmented: All the above things augment my tension and hence, increase the incessant want of food! Either you don't give me tension, or you give me tension and food together.

5- Umemalicious: Umema is getting more and more malicious these days. So, you are all requested to be careful. Don't try to look at her when she's angry, or...you'll die of strong radiations that emit from her eyes! And to add to your knowledge, she is quite angry nowadays! It was my duty to inform you all. Aagay aap ki merzi...

That's all folks!



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