If I could be....

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, May 29, 2005 in
Thankyou so much Asma, for inviting me...

That's hard to write. But...
ok, fine, here I write something that comes to my mind now. Please don't make fun of it. OKay :@

If I could be a chef:
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I'd cook food like Ainsley Harriott. Waisay, I do cook food like him - singing, and dancing! :)

If I could be a librarian: I'd read alllllllll the books. And if not, then I'd steal all of them, bring them home, and then read them with a million packets of chips and loadsa Coke cans!!! Aaah, I just wish!!!

If I could be an athlete: Hahaha...that sounds soo funny. But well, if in life, I become an athlete (purely by my own mistake), I'd be in some hospital, treated by docs. :)

If I could be a business owner: I'd earn loadsa money, buy loadsa books, perfumes, and flowers, and then I'd go on a world tour!

If I could be a painter: I'd paint you green, and would say, "Hey, do you know Shrek is my friend" *winks* ..., Well, I'd also paint my room red/ maroon, or blue/ navy blue , cuz I'd love doing so.

If I could be a lawyer: I wouldn't be here writing this post, silly. I would be six feet down the ground. People would kill me if I fail to win their stupid cases.

If I could be a doctor: I'd play snooker with your bones! [I hate doctors, and I hate being one].

If I could be a musician: I'd break all records with my voice. *evil grin*

If I could be a gardener: I'd spend my days and nights in the lawn, smelling flowers! I'd also plant some fruits/ vegetables. And, if I have a bumper crop, I'd give the surplus to you. So be happy!

If I could be an architect: I'd redesign Habib Bank Plaza. I hate the way it looks!

If I could be a cartoon character: I would be, rather I am, Goofy.

And, finally...

If I could be a pilot(which is not in the list, but still): I'd immediately fly to Norwich, UK. Barryyyy, I miss you so much yaar.

I know, I know only 5 'If I could be' are allowed. But you see, I want to be so much more.
Ok, I invite some people for this thing. I know they won't accept it, but I have to fulfil this formality. *winks*



Saady J


and Unaiza!

View all the 'If I could be..' here.

Cheerio folks! =)



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