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My Sista's Guitar

Well, none of us knows what to do with these six strings. So whenever we see it, we all very enthusiastically take this instument in our hands and then sit blankly, staring it from top to bottom, wondering what to do next. Hahahaha...But then that's fun when my lil brother sings songs of Atif Aslam in his heavy voice. He thinks of himself as the biggest rock star the world has ever seen when he holds the guitar. And he'd shake his body and sing "Kaisee hay yeh tanharii, kaisi hay yeh ruswarii..tum ho gai hum" - instead of sayin 'Kaisee hay yeh tanhai' and 'Kaisee hay yeh ruswai...gumm ho gai tum'.... So that's why we say "Bushi unplugged"...hehehe...

Guess what. That day when Bushi was holding this guitar, he turned (cuz somebody called his name) and the guitar missed my head by an inch or two...whoosh! And I almost screamed, "Bushi, either take this huge thing off or walk with open eyes". I was so thankful that it didn't touch my head, or my Dinky Mind would have broken into uncollectable bits and pieces!

Cheerio folks! =)



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