Saza mili naaa?

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, March 28, 2005 in ,
This always happens with me. Whenever I take something out and utilise it without my Mommese's permission, I always get a reward for it! Let me tell you my latest nalaiqi. Some ten minutes ago I was feeling extremely hungry! So, I got up from my chair, went to the kitchen, opened up the freezer and took out a chocolate! (After chips, chocolates are something I like eating the most). Anyways, I unwrapped it, and took the first bite. Aaaaaaaaaa...it was as hard as a cemented floor!

'Who kept it in the freezer? And why is our freezer working so efficiently these days?'
Oops, I forgot. I was the one who kept 2 boxes of chocolates there. I started cursing myself. Actually Mommese gave me the boxes and told me not to touch them without her permission. But you see, this spoiled angel violated the law and took out a chocolate!

Well, I then took the second bite (ofcourse after a few moments), and I felt something strange! I tasted something salty...eee yes, it was my blood; my teeth were bleeding! Stop sounding like my Mommese who always asks me to, and sometimes makes me, drink milk. So, then I quickly rushed to the washroom, and gargled my mouth a zillion times!

Moral: [1]Always do what your Moms say. [2] Never eat a chocolate at night, cuz you then have to brush your teeth (the thing that annoys me the most) [3] If you like chocs, then never say NO to milk! If you have strong teeth, you can have chocs! [4] French fries are better than chocolates. Atleast they aren't hard! [5] Sleep before you feel hungry.

Cheerio =)
*have to brush my teeth now...errr*



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