VIRUS !!!!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, March 03, 2005 in
"Look, am damn serious. Dont ya dare get near me. You better stay away!"

Yes folks, that's how I scream when I forsee fever and cough and a series of uncontrollable sneezes approaching me at an uncalculatable velocity! Am feeling lazy right now. My whole body is aching. My head is spinning like a CD. My eyelids are burning. My fingers are in no mood of typing now. My feet are dead! The pallor of my face has started glowing. My half-opened eyes have started searching for a tissue paper company. My running nose is begging me to stop eating those ice-creams and stop drinking ice-cold water. My Dinky Mind has lost its memory. My kneecaps will crack and break away if I get up and walk. I can feel my forehead getting warm. I can also feel the accelerating pain in my cheek bones and my jaws. And I .....

..........JUST HATE THIS FEELING. Why am I a VIRUS-friendly girl?

Well, I believe am feeling so because of heavy intake of food these days.

My dear readers, please pray for my health...I dont want to fall sick now. Because if this time also I become a victim of this virus, I will not be able to do a single thing. And you know what, a huge pile of pending work is waiting for me. Now, you call it my busy-ness or my laziness, but I am like that. Yes, I confess, I am the biggest procrastinator the world has ever seen.

*Out of all this tranquility, I hear the slow and silent footsteps of death. Yes, death is indeed approaching me! * [well, this shows my Dinky Mind is still wroking]

Cheerio = (



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