Dinners, dinners, and dinners

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, February 28, 2005 in
When will this marathon end? Its been more than a week that we are attending dinners and lunches, and now I am in no mood of eating more *food-o-meter shows FULL*. And today again, we have to go on a dinner party.....ufffff...I want some time..just a few hours to relax. *stretches her arms and yawns* Aaaaaaahhhh....I am sleeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyy

Hahahahhaha ....You guys must be wondering have I gone nuts or what....But seriously I cannot stop myself from laughing. I dont feel like laughing, but somebody just made me laugh a lot today! Thanks "Somebuddy" ....Lolllll....You made my day! :)

Stay happy everybuddy, and stay happy you "Somebuddy"

Cheerio folks!!!

*still laughing* *Awww...that was a nice story* lol



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