Restless soul

Posted by Dinky Mind on Friday, February 18, 2005 in
Why am I being so restless these days. I dunno why sometimes I just feel like running out of the house and go to somewhere real cool - like my Nani's house, or BiYA's. Gosh, I'm missing both of them soooo much. BiYA came yesterday, but then just for an hour or so. And then we couldn't even talk cuz I got busy in playing table tennis.
I really really really really really want to get out and meet some good people. I want to eat something different and good. I want to buy a new book. I want Barry to be here. I want to go for cycling. I want to...I want to....I want to....I want to....drink water, atleast now *panting*.

My mind, body and soul are restless.

Pray for me

Adios amigos...I mean Cheerio folks (how can I forget to use my trademark goodbye style..*wonders*)



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