I want some rest...

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, February 09, 2005 in
...And yeah, that's why I am still sitting wide-eyed at this hour! Eh!

I have:
^1^ Successfully finished reading 24 chapters of Digital Fortress. Hoa yeah!!!
^2^ Cleaned the kitchen and got appreciated. =)
^3^ Washed the clothes and ironed them. (Maids are away) *wiping my forehead*
^4^ Eaten apple after a long time. Its tasted juicy and yummy. *ahhh*
^5^ Heard my fabulous song collection. Feel so much relaxed now. *Hmmmm*

I have to:
^1^ Keep my CDs and stuff toys back in the shelf.
^2^ Eat something good (something means chips) ;)
^3^ Get up early in the morning tomorrow. :'(
^4^ Sleep
^5^ Sleep
^6^ And sleep.

Cheerio everybuddy.



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