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Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, October 31, 2004 in ,
I am posting some jokes here. I believe most of them must be read by you. I am posting some that seem new to me. Here they are.

On a Summer holiday in Newyork Banta decided to visit a bar. At the bar, the man sitting on Banta's left told the bartender, 'Johnie Walker, single'. Then the man on his left ordered, 'Jack Daniels, single'. When the barman turned to Banta for an order, he said, 'Banta, married'.

Teacher: 'When was Rome built?'
Student:'At night, Sir.'
Teacher: 'Who told you that?'
Student: 'You did, Sir. You once said that Rome was not built in a day.'

Teacher: 'Name one animal that is found in the desert.'
Student: ' A camel.'
Teacher: 'Good. Name another animal.'
Student: 'Another camel.'

Now an advice for success:
Be like a duck. Above the surface, look composed and unruffled. But below the surface, paddle like crazy.




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