Embarrassing and sort of funny too!

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Yes, what happened today was a big joke! Today I had Accounting (P III). I got a bit late at my centre. I mean to say I entered the hall at 2:05 pm. Although the paper starts at 2:30 pm, but if I enter the hall after 1:45 pm, I consider myself to be late! [Yes, yes, I AM stupid!] Anyway, I entered the hall and started checking the desk bearing my candidate number. Soon I found it and when I sat on the chair, heck, I found the desk to be way too low. Yes! it was some 2 inches above my knees (I am short-heighted. Now you can easily guess the height of the desk) . I started looking at other people and their desks. Everybody had normal-height desk but one guy. So, he and I were the poor people who had to actually lean over the table and then do our paper. Anyway, the paper started. I leaned over and started doing my paper, when after 10 minutes, my squeaky 'ouch' caught the attention of many people. Actually, the desks there consist of 2 parts - a stand and a top flat black board. At that time something happened to the stand and the board tilted. All my stationery slid down on the carpeted floor. And guess what, that heavy board fell on my legs and my poor legs started screaming. Ouch! 'I should have got it changed in the beginning', I thought. Anyway, soon an invigilator came to help me out. The problem was resolved , Alham-do-lillah. Some people were looking at me and smiling. 'You think its funny?What if this happens to you. Then I'll see you smile. Do your own work' , I felt like saying this to all those Colgate-toothpaste people. My two precious minutes were wasted in this stupid scene. I again started doing my paper. I focused my attention on the paper, when after some 15 minutes, the same thing happened. That was quite annoying cuz both the stand and the board fell flat on the floor with a 'thump'! My eraser went north, card flew and fell beneath another desk, whereas the pencil and calc fell on my feet. Question paper, MCQ sheet and Statement of entry remained on the board. That was so ....urgh, there's not even a word to describe it. Soon, 2 invigilators came to me and tried to help lift up the desks and other stuff. Urgh! Soon, the paani wala (we call the waitor by this name) came with a new stand and a board. All three men replaced it and picked up all my stationery. In the meantime, I looked at other candidates; some were doing their paper peacefully as if nothing has happened and most were looking at me, giggling. I also forced my lips to take a curve and smile back at them, as if nothing unusual has happened. So, my another five minutes got wasted in this Desk Scene - Episode II. The new desk that I got was a lot better than the previous one, Alhamdo-lillah. I completed my paper (Now don't ask how did it go). When the time came to leave the hall, I stood up to walk out, but I stumbled badly. Thank God, I didn't fall. Yes, I didn't fall (Strange, but true).
So folks, this is how my day went.

Today's Joke:

Jay: 'My wife's an angel!'
Kay: 'You're lucky. Mine's still alive'.

Now, can you answer me?
Q- If the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting?



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