I went to college today!!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, November 27, 2004 in
Oh my God, I felt great as I entered the place. I can never forget my college. Its the best college in the world, with best teachers, best students, and the best best ground. So today I met some of my old teachers, and Xak too.
(Wait, wait, wait....Today is indeed Saturday, but there was some sort of PTM and a science exhibition there, therefore I went).
Hmmm, so I was telling you about my teachers. First I met Ma'am Sameera. She was glad to see me there. Honestly speaking, she's the most friendly teacher I have ever seen. Then I met Sir A.M.B. He was unable to recognize me... Lol, have I changed that much. I dunno.

A lil convo with Sir AMB is here :

Me: Assalam o alaikum Sir.
AMB: Yes. Walaikum assalam. How may I help....*amazed*ooo, its you. How are you? How did your papers go?!
Me: (gave my trademark answer) They were fine, good.
AMB: Fine or good?!?
Me: (clueless...) ummm...a bit of both. (Yes, I know thats the most stupid answer).

Anyway, after some time, I met Mrs. Naqvi (my urdu teacher). She gave me a hug (yes, cuz I was her favourite student, as once she called me "Urdu-daan".lol) She is a great teacher!

I was very dreadful about today (sleeping at 3 am, and getting up at 7 is no easy job), but thank God, it went quite well.

Oh God, have to go for lunch now. Then I have got a class at 3, finishing at 5 pm.
Have to rush now.



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