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I am kinda relieved now. I mean now I have got 6 more days for my next paper, which is of Awful Accounting...ssss...I dont know why I hate accounting.
Arrraaayyy, did I tell you that I am done with all four papers of Bu.St. I feel relaxed, but not much, cuz my paper 2 didnt go well. Uptil now, all my essay papers have gone wonderful, Alham-do-lillah.
Guess what happened... on Wednesday, I went to have my paper at Regent. My paper had to start at 2:30 pm. I dont know at what time I reached my centre (because all my watches have stopped working). Anyway, when I was near my centre, I found it to be completely deserted. Yes! not a single soul out there. That made me extreeemely nervous. The first thought that came to my mind was 'Oh my God, was my paper in the morning? Have I missed it? Is it 2:30 already? Am I late? Nooo way!' I quickly took out my Statement of Entry and checked the time and date. Nothing was wrong. So,when I entered, thank God, there were many people inside. I checked my hall, and then comfortably sat on a sofa in the lounge. Then, after some five ten minutes, the supervisor came and asked us all to enter the hall. I picked up my stuff and started walking towards the place. At the entrance of the hall, invigilators (sp?) check our ID card and Entry Statement. I unfolded my statement quickly. Soon, I realised that I dont have my ID card. OMG!!!! I started searching for it in my box, and all the possible places. Then, I started running towards the lounge, and a girl was coming towards me. She said, 'Is this your card?' I took a deep breath, thanked her, took my card, and again started walking towards the hall. The girl , after giving me my card, started staring at me. I guess, probably because the photograph on my card is very different from what I look like now. lol. After that, I enetered the hall and sat on my seat. After some time, a guy entered, and I almost laughed. On his shirt it was written
"I'm busy
U're ugly
Go away."
I am sure, every girl that had seen his shirt, must have said it to him. lol! That guy was somewhat horrible. I mean he had untidy shoulder-height hair, pierced eyebrow (yes...sss), was loosely dressed up and God knows what else.
On that day, I broke my fast outside on the sidewalk, alone! :o( Yes, cuz my paper ended at 5:45 pm. I got out at 5:55 pm. I didnt had any watch so I didnt know at what time Maghrib azaan started. When I saw that darkness is deepening, I took out dates from my bag, and broke my fast. Then I waited for my bus. Now thats a different, long story, which I'll tell you afterwards.
Well, I guess I must leave now. Tomorrow's my last day at college. ooowaainnn oowaainnn. Sachi, I'm gonna miss college. I'm gonna miss my friends.
bye bye everybody *wiping tears* *wiping nose* *feeling extremely sad* :o(



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