I am alive

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, October 24, 2004 in
Aray wah... This page exists! I thought I wouldn't be able to post anything till 17th Nov.
Anyway, thanks God, I am here and now I can converse with you people. So, how'z everybody? Must be very happy, cuz you guys must nnot be having exams *grinding teeth*.
Ummm..I don't know what to write, and what not to write. I mean to say that I have got a lot of news for you guys but not enough time to write it down. Right now I have to go to study Econ. You know what I have got my Econ (paper IV) on coming Tuesday. I hope and pray that it goes fine.
Uptil now, I have only taken Bu.St. (I and III) and Accounting IV exams. And a long list is still left *sighs*. But I hope time will quickly pass by. Please pray for my papers, cuz I have messed up my Accounting paper *face red like a ripened tomato*. When I saw my paper, I was like "wow, good paper" but when I actually started doing it, Oh my God, just Oh my God, I forgot that stupid markup/margin formula, and heck! all my budget was ruined. Urgh, Urgh, and just Urgh! I mean how could I forget it??? Furthermore, I have got a serious problem. My balance Sheet never balances. Urgh, Urgh, Urgh... I dont know how many marks am I going to get out of those stupid 120.
Bu. St. went just okay. I forgot to give example (the most important thing). I wish I could get a spare mind from somewhere. Any genius offering???



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