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I've got my Convocation ceremony in 12 hours now. I was talking to a 6th grader earlier today and was telling him about my Convocation and university life.

Me: Tomorrow will be my Convocation ceremony. I'm so happy :)
Him: Oh yeah, you told me yesterday you'd be wearing a black frock!
Me: Huh? FROCK? No!! I said I'd be wearing a black gown and a black cap ... and, yes, a blue sash too.
Him: So it's like a farewell party?
Me: No, not exactly a party, but farewell, yes! It's actually something less than a party and more of a... an emotional day.
Him: Ah, so you're going to a funeral!


That's the advantage of being a kid. Free imagination and you can drag it into any direction you want, and no one would even argue!



Congratulations :) [shift it forward in time by 12 hours] :P

So you're what, an MBA now? :)

Thankooo Uni :D
And jes jes, me is an MBA now. Alhamdolillah. Do I sound like one? :P

oh cool, congrazzlezzz...

@Dinky Mind
:D:D hahaha. Dunno what they're supposed to sound like.

But I am guessing they're a lot more suave than engineers :p

Shuaib says:

Happy cruising through life.

Shuaib says:

Ok, I've said it for years, many times over, but have to say it one more time. Your blog has a very original and entertaining tone, and stays an exception amongst the crowd of crappy personal life blogs.

And you betta keep rolling these entries. Women have this tendency of going invisible after marriage. :P heh!

Umuj: Thanks :)

Uni: Trust me, no one could be more original and delightful than kids :D

Shuaib: Thanks :) And double thanks now :D I hope I stay visible, can't guarantee though :D

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