Dinky Mind weds Insane Soul

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, December 31, 2011 in ,
Wow. What a combination, isn't it? ;)

Alhamdolillah at whatever is written in my fate now :p Life's certainly going to change in a better way In'sha'Allah, for I'd now have one special person to annoy for the rest of my life :D

30.12.2011. Chapter changed!

Prayers needed. A lot of them :) Thank you.

PS: I forgot how do I sign when I was asked to sign the papers yesterday, although in the past few days I had practised a lot! :$ Plus, my voice choked inside my throat when I was about to say "Qubool hai" for the first time! Sari mehnat aik taraf ho gai!



Saba Syed says:

Congratulations. May Allah bless you with all kind of happiness in you married life. Ameen.
Upload the pictures plz as soon as you get a chance.
Congrats again.

Shuaib says:

Congratz. I like the date selection. Right around the year change. Good thinking.

Saba: Thank you so much for all these nice wishes :)

Shuaib: Thanks. And I never focused on the date though :)

Many, many congratulations, Dinky Sister! :) May the next and coming chapters of your life be blessed and filled with loads of warmth and happiness, ameen.

Congratulations :). May the beginning be an amazing one and remain so for the rest of your life Ameen!

Saadat Bhai: Thanks a bunch :) Keep praying like that :)

Uni: Awww, thankooo :)

Anonymous says:

Congratulations... and lot of blessings for your life ahead :)

Wish you a blessed married life, and lots of happiness and chocolates, Amen ..!! =]

Capture Universe: Thank you :)

Umuj: Thanks :)

Anonymous says:

Congratulations! May you have a long and happy married life, InshAllah =)

rasheedullah khan says:

Assalam o Alaikum Behan

Masha'Allah, congrats

i just came at your Blog after a long long time....

may You have a wonderful life ahead.. aameen

P.S:- i forgot to re intro myself...

if you go back in your blog in 2004-05 you would find a regular visitor with the name of Khattak/rasheed khan.

all the best behan

Dinky mind weds Insane soul, and disappears!!! Just like Asma Mirza, and tons of other girls who become uber boring once they get married. :P

@Myochrasy: Thank you, my difficult named friend :)

@Rasheed: Walaikum Assalam. Thank you and welcome back :) Yes, I do remember you. You were one of the avid readers of my blog. Thanks for dropping by again :)

@Shuaib: Lol. Dinky Mind won't disappear. And I'd tell Asma you were calling her boring :D Besides that, why do you keep changing your blog address? Can I have a non-techy one for my Dinky Mind please? :)

Shuaib says:

Good to hear dinky mind won't disappear.

My blog, o'boy, it has been hell of a ride with blogging for me. I think this must be my 20th+ blog. And so far I am pretty happy with it. Heh. I might have a more easy on the nerve blog, sooner or later. Tumblr to the rescue I hope. Stay tuned!


first of all Congrat ..best of luck for your future life..and I visited your blog recently, I found it interesting, would you mind if I add you in my blogroll.

Chumpoo says:

Arhay Wah! you still blog!!!

Not a new news but since I am posting here so a format "Congrats!" :D

@Shuaib Me and boring? I am the most entertaining person I ever met until my daughter came into this world ;P

Shuaib says:

@Asma O pahleaasee! :P

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