Diet? Over My Dead Body!!!

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I've quit eating cream cheese
I've quit licking chocolate-hazelnut spread
I've reduced my meals to 1.5 a day, rather than full 3
I've cut down my oil intake
I've stopped having fizzy drinks
I'm on those grape fruits, bananas, cucumbers, yogurt and all those fresh things that are bound to help me out in this crucial time
I've also started workouts
Like skipping rope
And stupid walk
And what do you call that lame exercise that my sis told me about...


That stupid, lame, idiotic, nonsensical, and ultra crappy weighing machine showed my weight as 2 Kgs plus the previous one!!!! Like HOW!!! That's a total scare!!! I'm dead sure I'm inhaling some pretty dense air!

And to make things worse, one day my sis commented "Oh dang! Look at these fat-laden arms of yours!!! Kia thoonsing these days?"

And my fiancé said, "What are you hiding in your inflated cheeks?" when there was just nothing!!! :( *sobs sobs*

Enough with this diet drama! I don't know what got into me and I started acting all foolish! I'm officially putting an end to this diet fever and will resume with my regular, 'balanced', breakfast from tomorrow, i.e., a plate full of ultra greasy, chaat-masala laden french fries, complimented with a rich garlic dip and a big mug of highly lemony green tea!

I'm also going to have my junk food whenever I'd want. And I'd also have a spoonful (or two) of chocolate spread whenever I'd be tensed, tired, or just in the mood of having it.

Most of all, I'm crossing out the word "weighing machine" from my dictionary.

Diet - End, Finish, Fin, Finito, Nishta, Khallas!!!



Anonymous says:

ok :@!!! f** a** :P

atta girl

Great! So proud of you even though I don't know you.

P.s. try swimming. It really helps. Walking is boring!

Mr. Anonymous: No matter how many names you change, you always leave a trail. And me loves it! Hahaha :D And me is no *** ***

ChickLitGirl: ;) Welcome to my blog :D

MothSmokeLover: Winters are starting here, I'm 'planning' on cycling now. :$

Diets suck. I've tried em, but it takes too much effort not to pick up that delicious chocolate fudge cake in the fridge right in front of you which somebody has been kind enough to bring.

Best bet is swimming (agreed with the commentator above). Since winter's started, the coolest thing (literally too :p) is after-fajr walk. Brisk. Cycling is fun too (but I like real cycles, not boring gym ones).

I hope you're not one of those I'm-50kg-but-I-should-be-45 types.. :D

Lol, Uni, I'm beyond that type :D And yes, I totally agree with the after-fajr walk time. But what should I do, I head back to bed after fajr :( I need someone to accompany me on walks :(

And nopes, me not talking about those boring gym cycles. I totally hate them, until they're placed on a sea shore :P

Haha, loved the end: Khalas!

Shuaib says:

I'll pay you a million bucks for teaching me how to gain weight without eating much. Ok, not a million, but whatever amount is in my bank account. :P

Yea, I'm the skinny type :/

Sajjan Karamat says:

Am just wondering why people waste cyber space for their personal rants :p

Zain: Welcome to my blog :)

Shuaib: Start eating cream cheese and chocolates. Loads of 'em!!! You'd see the results in a month! And I'd wait for my money then :D

Sajjan: I wonder why people use their nagging skills on cyber space, especially on someone else's rants! :D Anyway, welcome to my blog!

Shuaib says:

How many chocolates a day?

Shuaib: Buy a box of Ferrero's or Lindt and you won't ever ask this question again :D

Anonymous says:

LOLZ... Don't take banana in diet, it will inflate you more than ever. :)

No? O_o But I love bananas :( They're so wholesome and mazaydaar :$

I can suggest you something serious. If you realy wanna loose weight then you need follow my advise. I lost 13 Pounds in 1.5 months !!! HOW? commitment to pain... NO PAIN NO GAIN. So merely switching to diet wont help you, rather it normally end up in eating more things and putting more weight on (This happens in Ramadan.. you know). So what I did .. I did serious RUNNING On track + work out + Switch to protien diet. Untill you soak in your sweat and your veins start pumping acid .. you wont get the results.

My Diet Plan

Break fast
· One bowl oatmeal with skim milk

· Egg only white part.

· One apple without skin

· <200 grams boiled chicken / Boiled Veggi

· 1 to 2 slice brown bread

· Dark green salad

After exercise
· One bowl red beans

· Before 2 hour to sleep same as lunch
Fresh Fruits ..., Banana will help you gaining weight.

A Beautiful Mind

Aww, that's so sweet of you, Beautiful Mind :) I hope I follow this plan for even one day at least :D
And I so adore red beans!!! But boiled chicky, uh oh :( But still, thanks a million for helping me out! :D

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