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Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, April 28, 2008 in
I have always been very concious about my hair. There was once a time when I would first oil my hair and then shampoo them. And that was like 2 years ago?! Then I went to Saudia and when I returned, my hair started falling faster than a house of cards! [Too much exaggeration, I know, but the situation was so much like that]. Over there, I wouldn't get time (and oil) to oil my hair. And my hair started becoming a perfect 'jharoo'!

Anyways, after consulting a tragazillion people, and listening to their 'mufeed totkas', I decided to try something new. Just to mention a few, I have already tried eggs, yogurt, honey, butter, lemon, vinegar, and a million types of hair oil, including 'kalonji ka tayl', 'sarsoun', coconut oil (and no, not 'tara meera') :P So now you can imagine what a mess my hair used to look like with all those sticky, smelly stuff!

But now, I've made a different recipe for my hair. I used Olive oil, added some aloe vera in it, and a few drops of lemon, mixed it well, and applied the paste on my hair. Voila! My head had become a salad bowl! :s If I had those curly maggie-noodle-type hair, my head would have looked like the perfect salad bowl. *sigh* [Is it gross?] :P

I think my hair have become a little better. Not exactly like those shown in Dove's ad. But I believe, if I continue oiling them regularly (and minimizing the use of hair dryer) some day they will look like those in the ad, InshAllah. =)

CHeerio folks =)



oh all is well that end well and i'm GLAD it all got better for you. My hair got a bit damaged when i colored them the previous time, but the new ones are out now and shining hehe, wish could use oils and stuff, magic stuff for my hair too but i'm too, way too sluggish for anything like it.

Aloevera hmmm i've heard it makes your hair black, or blackish. Can't afford that on recently dyed ones but hey is it true that aloevera has that affect, what color is your hair?

Anonymous says:

Try "arq laboob-e-saba" It is a mixture of various things good for hair. Its totally natural and absorbs completely in your head... It looks only as if you have hair gel on. (I'm a guy so hair gel look is fine)

Anonymous says:

My comment's gone missing from here :((

What I asked was ... U wiped the stuff off from your hair or later enjoyed that with dinner, huh?? Liek a good girl ?

~Leemz: Don't know if it makes your hair black or not, all I know is it makes your hair shiny and strong :) but don't just completely believe on my statement. Google the answer :D

~Stinger: Lol. This arq's name is such a tongue-twister :D I'd try to get it, but I don't like gel-o-fying my hair. People then say, "aray tayl lagaya hua hay?" :/ *sigh*

~Asma: Aray last night I also commented, magar ab ghaib ho gaya yahan se :S There's some serious problem with my bloggy comment box :/ and oh, I loved it :P [don't worry, I'm equally gross] :P

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