Sher Afgan Niazi tortured

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, April 09, 2008 in
The images that I saw on TV today were very dreadful - broken glass pieces were being thrown at him, and people were literally beating him, pulling him, throwing him in the ambulance, and slapping! What the heck is with the people of our country? Why can't they live in peace? The "perhay likhay" lawyers proved themselves as "complete jaahils"!!!

ُُپیدا ھوئے وکیل تو شیطان نے کہا
“لو آج ھم بھی صاحب ِ اولاد ھو گئے

I hope Pakistanis learn to respect others and learn manners soon.

Cheerio folks =(



Anonymous says:

This country is plunging into darkness day by day, not of electricity but immorality. By the way, not all lawyers are bad. Decent and well-off lawyers have not supported the CJ campaign since it started.

Anonymous says:

I can't believe that people are trying to rationalize these acts by saying that he 'deserved' this! Nobody deserves this!

Okay, um, where did my comment go? I left it right here last evening. :-/

Ah well, it was just some expression of indifferent disgust over the incident, and an invite to the blogiversary (you already visited :) )

Anonymous says:

...and I also got a share of fists on the footpath for no apparent reason. Thank God people responded =P

You're right. If this is how the judiciary wants to get respect - they've got another thing coming.

What they're doing now is only going to be a catalyst to (what I hope will never be but reason opposes) a civil war.

~Sawj: Yeah, but those few lawyers are ruining the image of the whole lawyer community...too bad!

~Absar: Someday they all would "deserve" it *sigh*

~Saadat: Bloggy ate it :) And thanks for the invitation :)

~DarkCoffee: Oh my God, you were there? :p

~Majaz: Let's see what happens. But things don't seem to improve now.

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