The eyes!

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A month or two ago, I was driving back home, and when I tuned the radio, I heard this very cool song.

ان آنکھوں کی مستی کے
مستانے ھزاروں ھیں

ان آنکھوں سے وابستہ
افسانے ھزاروں ھیں

The whole song is very very nice.

Today, I so much wanted to listen to this song, but, unfortunately, I don't have it. So, I tuned in the radio, and it was being played on FM 100 at that very time. Although I missed the first part of the song, but I was so delighted to hear the rest of it. =)

I wonder how people manage to write so much (and so well) about someone's eyes. Truly awesome!!



Anonymous says:

its from amrao jaan film, rekha waali :)

Probably sung by Nur jehan too :?

Awesome indeed and the eyes in pic are a bit scary :P

Yup, abhi abhi I downloaded the song :)

But it's sung by Asha Bhosle.

About the eyes, abhi yehi mili thein...next time waqai achi wali pic post ker doun ge :D

Anonymous says:

yeh its a nice song....
i heard it before but dont know whoze is it

Anonymous says:

AWESOME song! :D

~Khawab: Yup, no doubt. :)

~Absar: You like such moosic? :P

Anonymous says:

Of course! I love the lyrics - I'm totally obsessed with this particular organ :P

Anonymous says:

Its just the clear perception that is built so strongly in ones Mind that the words seem to flow out of nowhere..

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