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These days I'm reading Demian by Hermann Hesse. A very nice book lent to me by a very nice friend. Do read it. It's great!

Click here to read its summary.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

Hey Fragile Girl,

I love your blog - only thing, I couldn't find an e-mail on it. Could you e-mail me? I'm an American woman doing researcho n girls in different parts of the world and I'd love to ask you a couple of questions. My e-mail is pgj517@yahoo.com

Anonymous says:

Hey coolio ... where are you girl??????? lost or what ???

Anonymous says:

Please give a few lines summary of what the book is about. It'll help people decide whether the book is according to their reading mood nowadays, or not.

Anonymous says:

Hi, why dont u stick to more useful writings like "khilafat aur mulukiyat" by Maulana Abul Al'a Maududi or "Shikwa aur Jawaab e Shikwa" by Allama Iqbal. For english literature u can refer to Maryam Jameelah's works i recommend u to read "Two Mujahideens of the Recent Past" itsan awesome book do read it.

Anonymous says:

*Bang Bang Bang*

where are you GIRLY???

Looks compelling book, hope you enjoy it :-)

Try Siddharta by the same author!

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