A 20,000 worth eidi

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, October 30, 2006 in
Well, yes! I got my eidi a day before chand raat (makes 28th roza). The story goes like this:

My dad asked his friend (who's in Saudia) to get a cell phone (any camera-wala cell phone). This uncle friend was arriving Pakistan on 18th October. I asked Dad to specify the model. I wanted Nokia 3230. Dad didn't agree. After 2 days (October 12th), I again asked him to message his friend and kindly specify the model. He, tired of my whinings, messaged him. After a few minutes the reply came! Dad read the reply quite slowly, and a million questions started running around my head the moment message came. I thought if he'd bought anything less than a 3230 or any other cell phone that I don't want/like.

Dad read: "I have already..."
Me: (all sad) *oh my my, so he has ALREADY bought something?!?!*
Dad: "...bought Nokia..."
Me: *please don't test my patience. Say it once, i'd accept it, even if it's any ajeeb-sa model*
Dad: "N70!"
Me: *electrocuted* " A WHATTTTTT?"
Dad: "N70. That's what he has written"
Me: *jumps around the whole house* Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I wanted to have 3230, I was about to get it before Ramadan. But then I came to know that software problems are becoming common in this model, and so it had been swapped away from the market. And now, tada, me has got an awesome-ish cell phone.

I just can't recall for how long I just wished to have an awesome-ish cell phone, but now, Alhamdolillah, I've got one. Yay =)

Stay jealous!!! :p

Oh, (belated) Happy Eid to all of my readers :p



Anonymous says:

hey umemoooo belated eid mubarak

jaloux jaloux jaloux

Je suis très jaloux de votre N70 maintenant… : (

challo stayhapppy ... khush ho aur chalaneinlagao ... I'm dying for a digi cam .. isloo may mil hinahi raha accha :/

hey its urs or your dad's :P

lol congrats :D

u lucky :P

~Asma: Oh, you shouldn't be jealous. InshAllah you'd get N72 or N90. Keeppraying :)

~Acro: Thanksssssssssssssss...Didnt get me's chockies :$

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