Bells of hell are chiming!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 in
Oh well, again!!!! As always, exams are near, and I am not prepared! I'm so darn busy in this series of Office's assignments. I just hate them. And to our displeasure, the same teacher is teaching Office now who taught us Programming in the last semester. She just loves to see us under pressure and all tied up in work! I don't know what's her problem. She fires a torpedo of real lengthy assignments exactly when the exams are near! Now, our mid terms are starting from coming Monday, and we've to submit 2 stooopid, ultra-legthy assignments by coming Friday! Is this sanity? Arrrghhhh!!! And, not to forget, we've to submit this *!#%$^$ project of ours before our final exams. Can't have 2 seconds of relaxation in this semester either!

And now, coming to the nightmare of my life. Finance! The teacher has been changed and this new teacher is trying his best to teach "How To Use A SIMPLE Calculator"!!!! Yes, you read it correct. He says, "In life, we face problems. What if one day you discover you don't have a calculator, a scientific or a financial calculator? What are you going to do?" Now that's a million dollar question!!! In this world of technology he's taking us back to simple calculator. I'm afraid by the end of the semester we would have learned to use an Abacus!


That's all for today. I hope I manage to get good grades, though it seems difficult! Ah, I need your prayers, loads of 'em.




Exams are evil and if you haven't prepared they become more evil. Ohh this reminds me that I also haven't prepared. God help!

Anonymous says:

isiliyyay barray kahtay hain parh liyya karokabhi :P

when you'll know how to play or use .. whateva .. bacus ... do tell me ditto... i'll be happy to play it too :D

jao parho ... and best wishes and prayers

lol good luck Dinko :D, ye office kaun sa course hai :S *me has serious issues with course list.

lol and goodluck with learning how to use calculator.

Oh well parh loo achay say

~Raheel: Lolz...Go, study! I've to study a lot....*runs away*

~Asma: Abacus used to be our toy in childhood, but it seems it has become something of great significance now

~Acro: Office is Office Automation =)

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