Happy Birthday, Ritz

Posted by Dinky Mind on Sunday, December 04, 2005 in

Happy Birthday, sweet Ritz!


May you have many many more!
May we have many many more cakes from you.
May you keep smiling like that.
May we laugh at you like that. (jk, you know me :p)
May you lend me your CDs like that.
May I always forget to return them. <:p
May you buy a new cell phone soon.
May I listen to "Butterfly" on your old tiny one. (hahaha...she's got a 3-inch long Panasonic set)
May you get birthday cards from some idiotic people,
May we continue making fun of those absolutely-senseless cards (Remember that Eid wala card? hahaha)
May your dream of an iPod comes true.
May you get an iPod soon.
May you become generous once again.
May you gift that to me, as I'm your one good friend! :p

So, we're getting a cake tomorrow, right???




m flatterd.....!!!
waise gud haan....all th butterng fr cake..........!!
nhi mile ga cake...its awl myn....hmph...!!!

n thnx dearooo...!!!!
lub yaaaaaa hun....!!

hahhaa...keep getting flattered. I just want the cake...hahah

*prays she doesn't eats the cake at night*


no cake fr u......!!

*yells* Mommyyyyyyyyyy

Ri-duh mujhay cake nahi dey rahiiiiiiiiii

*cries like ----* hahaha

Anonymous says:

asssalam o alaikum!
i hope u would b fine and ur readers too, it seems ages to c ur blog...but cant help myself out no electricity in my village ...i hav come back from umrah n i did pray for u may ALLAH accept my prayers...
how is life going on, in balochistan its quite cold...hope to b here regularly andhappy birthday to ritz

hey.....thts shoo shweet of u....!!!

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