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Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, December 12, 2005 in
I don't know why when I went to university today, I found something strange. As if I had been visiting that place for the first time or probably after a long time. I tried to get this thought out of my mind, when at that very moment Shamayl came in. After our usual giggles, she looked around and made an uneasy face. Upon asking, she replied, "Why does it seem to me that I've come here for the first time?"
"Amazingly, I was thinking the same!", I supported her statement.

And at 4 pm, when all of us were very tired, Ali said, "There is something wrong today. Since morning it seems to me that I've come here after a long time."
At this Shamayl and I exchanged looks and chimed in, "We were also thinking the same."

And now Munz's online, and her nick is "What a fazool day...Idiotic lost feeling...Mondays are like that."

For us, Monday is the most busiest day of the whole week. But its been 3 months now in the university and today we felt something strange. I don't get it. Probably we all had the worst weekend of our lives. [Although nobody was telling how worst their weekend went, but their facial expressions were somewhat strange and dissatisfied.] Or it's just "Great minds think alike!"

Still wondering...




shayad yeh congo virus ka asar hai?!

just kidding!!

or maybe they have colored the campus building with a new color and u guys failed to notice that change :P, hehe.

But yea its kinda weird 4 people feeling the same about the same place , something paranormal :P

Anonymous says:


great minds truly think alike:)

Anonymous says:

Great minds never think alike. Every one of them has their own great ideas, and they spend the rest of their lives debating who is right :P

But well, mondays can do that to you.

i agree wth ya umem... da day really sucked... and then wednesday (14 Dec) waz alike it too.... ah well mondays are usually like dat... bzy and tiring...

Just another manic monday?

hmm aray its a common thingy, happens after weekends. especially tiresome ones.

february is coming up! :D

ummm done with wondering? UPDATE!!!

Anonymous says:

yeshhhhh...mondy was like hell...
da reason was v were quit pist of frem all things goin around [ppl.....hmmmm;)...]
...but weren't abl to tel each other...
kept silent n bored all...is it?!

Anonymous says:


Visited you blog after a long time. And, found the same very excellent style of writing. Impressive! :)

I hope your feeling of strangeness for the university vanishes soon.

Take care.

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