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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, December 01, 2005 in
My mom's not well.
She's in the hospital.
Me at home.
Maid ran away.
No new maid.
Me the....uh, forget it.
Am becoming darn busy these days.
Having extra french classes.
Brain's fuming.
French becoming way too annoying now.
Having quizzes and pre-exam fears!
In need of a new template. *searches for Some Desi*
In need of a new novel.
In need of some few million packs of chips.
Will be delighted if you add some packs of chocs too.
Oh yeah. Mid term results are here.
Got full marks in Economics. *showing off* I'm a born Economist!
Have got all the marks, except for math.
Will get them today.
Keep praying for my math's result.
Winters are bad.
I don't feel like updating.
Am becoming lazy.
Alive on coffee and nuts!
Mind's dozing off.
I don't know what to post.
Today, hopefully, Gullay will update her blog.
That's why I have also updated.
That's why Ritz will also update it.
And if she doesn't, am gonna... Ritz knows what!
8 more minutes, and then I shall go and try to study.
Study what?
Study for my presentation.
Oops, virus uploading.
Just recieved this message.

UPDATE: Sowwie people, I forgot to click on the "Allow New Comments on This Post" button.



shukar hai tumhay yad aaya, aur howz mum now? and kia howa tha...

i cant tag with my cable net connection, :(

khair maid kion bhagi? sara kam kerti hogi aur motee tum araam kerti hogi...

Gul and Ritz haven't updated the blogs.

c ya bye

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:) best of luck for everything...

Thanks God atleast u figured out that most essential segment of ur blog is missing, I was praying for ur online status.

OMG! howz ur mom now? Do update us about her health?

haan baba karlia update

Well i hope your mom will be fine.Amen

You are in the house
Maid runaway

Say it twice thrice...you will know what i am trying to say :)

with regards

Anonymous says:

Full marks in eco? Wah, wah

Hope ur mom's feeling better now:) and yeah Gul updated..finally:)


~Harris: She's MashAllah better now. Had pneumonia. Lol, we've got a new maid now. Gul has updated hers. Lazy Ritz....don't worry, I'll give her a nice lecture soon...lol.

~Aks: Thanks =)

~Gul: See, am back!!! Winters make me lazy! Mom's fine now, Alhamdolillah.

~FM: *glares* what do you mean to say???? lol...waisay if I do that, people will think am really crazy. lol

~Somewhat Eccentric: *shows off again* Yeah, full marks!!! Lol.

Assalam o alaykum dear,

hope aunty 's better now .. prayers for her that she get well veryyyy sooon, inshah allah!!

Good on ur eco results...!

and wow on ur maid runaway ... ;)

take carez


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