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Since childhood I craved to wear specs. I remember when at the age of 6 I first went to our Eye Specialist's office. After my parents' and siblings' eyes were tested, I was called. So I sat on the revolving stool and in a confident and triumphant manner read the whole board in the mirror. The Doctor uncle was shocked as I was reading the last 2 lines faintly visible (to him).

Doctor Uncle: "Did you memorize the board while waiting?"
Me: *wondering I could've* "Nopes" :(

He then exclaimed to my dad, "Your daughter has a perfect 6x6 eyesight. She might never need glasses". The innocent Dinky Mind didn't understand this compliment and felt very dejected cuz she always wanted to wear specs :( I spent 6 years of my early life watching TV from a distance of 1.5 feet, reading books in dim lights, wearing my sista's specs and daddy's reading glasses to somehow weaken my eyesight, and even at times pretending to be partially blind! And that's what I got??? Imagine my feelings when I saw all my plans going straight down the drain *sniffs sniffs* Later when I got home I wished I had misread the board - reading W as M or V as A *sigh*

Anyway, time passed by and I gave up my desire of being specsified till day before yesterday :) Yes, I went to get my bro's eyes checked and got mine tested as well. So then the optician uncle asked me to read the last 2-3 (English alphabet) lines, which were divided in 3 columns

ف ر ک و ق............ m q d e y t ............ h w p r i
ل ر پ چ ب............ h y w e d s ............ i k o v r t

Me: "m. q. d...."
Him: "Tsk tsk... You've got a verrrrry weak eyesight"
Me: "Noooo! It really is 'm. q. d'. Honestly, I'm not making it up!"
Him: *pointing at the third column* "Read from here"
Me: *grrr* "h. w. p. r. i"
Him: *changing a glass on one of my eyes* "Now read the last line"
Me: *making up the alphabets this time* "1. b. a..."
Him: *changing the glass again to a higher sensitivity one*
Me: *head spinning* "Noooo... Remove it please. I'm not that blind!!!"

So after shuffling the glasses and making me read the whole darn A-B-C board, he finally declared my eyesight to be slightly weak! And yours truly finally got a number of 0.75, :) which, according to my Mommy, can be improved with a few kilos of carrots. Carrots, *sigh* :o(  Specsies, *yay* :o)

Now I can't keep these glasses on my nosey for long. They're limiting my view and it's a bit irritating. No, don't think I'm complaining. No. Never. My childhood desire got fulfilled now. I'm not at all complaining. It's just that these specs don't suit my golu face anymore :(

Lol. But Dinky Mind is happily specsified! Yohoo!!! :)

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Shh... Don't tell this to my mom! I can perfectly see without these specs! ;)



Aa well childhood wishes often take time to come true ;)
But I must say 'Nazar Allah ke sab sy bare naemat hai' ask US :(

I was a big fan of specs too! But only till late childhood :D.. Then got sense.

SO if they don't suit your face and all - why wear em :P.

Esp when you can see perfectly well w/o em!

hahah! you crazy girl! ive been wearing specs since i was in third grade. and i hate them every day!
eat carrots and get rid of those glasses. and you're stick thin. GOLU FACE? God. then my face is a giant potato!!!

i once pretended i need specs :D and i even wore dad's specs to skool :D hehehe

Choudhary Iftikhar Ahmed says:

If they aren't suiting you, why are you wearing them in the first place :)

>>Nikki: I have now realized it :) And I've never seen you wearing specs :$

>>Uni: Maybe I still haven't got sense :P *whispers* Shauq bhee to poora kerna hay :P

>>Enjay: My face is completely round and it looks more golu when im hijabified. Aur us per specs... now imagine :P

>>Diva Divine: Lol. I once borrowed specs from my cousin and wore them to school for a week :P
Oh, and welcome to my blog :)

>>CIA: Because I want to fulfill my childhood desire :)

Choudhary Iftikhar Ahmed says:

Try wearing contact lenses as well. They might suit you better :)

Contact lenses are very scary!!!!

hahaha thats because there is a substitute invented known as Contact Lense. Life savers for half blind like us :( and NO they aren't scary AT ALL! Look at me I wear em everyday :P

contact lens ARE scary! Ok, fine i'll admit then my face is a whole giant size potato.... sigh!
try squarish looking glasses that have larger frame width than your face width. it makes your face look less round. and choose a funkier color than gray and black... like dark purple or royal blue or even maroon! really helps! :)

>>Nikki: I've seen my sista losing them frequently and my friends having red eyes :( eeeee... crazyyyy
*whispers* How many times have you succeeded in pulling them out of the drain at the right time? :P

>>Enjay: Lol, NJ. Why do you think it's a potato?? It's such a cutie roundish one :)
Oh, don't ask. I wasted an hour at the optician's in just choosing the right frame. Nothing, honestly nothing was suiting my face! *sigh* In logoan ko frames design he nahi kernay aatay :P
And there weren't bright colors in all those frames that I wanted :/ This gray one was better than the white one, in which I would've surely looked like a grumpy granny :(

WildFire says:

Try wearing them in hot weather... its irritating when you are trying to study and it keeps slipping off and if you keep it too tight it keeps biting

lolz crazy you :)

after wearing glasses for yrs m shauq is all done and gone :P

This reminds me of my desire to get braces. Sigh. I've specs since grade 6. I love 'em.
You actually did *something* to get those specs, What do I do to get braces? I really don't need it, but it looks freakin' awesome. Good Lord!

rasheed says:

its good to see, a childhood wish coming true...so early..hehe

Shuaib says:

O noo! No blog update for so long. Dinky shouldn't have got engaged. :P

you will probably throw your glasses away after a week or so.. ^^

eat carrots and don't wear em ,, i am wearing since i was 13 or 14 and it went up from .5o to 2.00 gradually and i cant see clearly without em ,, so if i want to swim how far do you think i can see ??? there are many other problems related to it ... so get rid of em ASAP

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