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 ...کڑوا سچ

جب "الف" سے انار اور "ب" سے بلی ھوتی ھے تو "پ" سے پہاڑ کیوں نہیں ھوتا? "ڑ" سے پہاڑ کیوں ھوتا ھے?
  دنیا بھر میں آپ کو کوئی "ڑ" سے پہاڑ نہیں نظر آئے گا۔ آخر کتابوں میں یہ لوگ ایسا کیوں لکھتے ھیں?
آخر کیوں زبردستی "ڑ" سے پہاڑ اور "ڑ" سے جھاڑو بنا دیتے ھیں? صرف یہ کیوں نہیں لکھ دیتے کہ "ڑ" سے کوئی لفظ شروع نہیں ھوتا اس لیے زیادہ دماغ لگانے کی ضرورت نہیں۔

بچپن سے اب تک یہی بات سمجھ نہیں آئی۔آخر صرف "ڑ" کے ساتھ ھی یہ ظلم کیوں? میرے خیال میں اب ھمیں "ڑ" سے کوئی لفظ ایجاد کر ھی لینا چاھئے ھے تاکہ آئندہ نسلوں کو آسانی ھو اور وہ میری طرح "ڑ" سے شروع ھونے والا پہاڑ نہ ڈھونڈتی پھریں۔

?کیا پشتو زبان میں کوئی لفظ "ڑ" سے شروع ھوتا ھے



Choudhary Iftikhar Ahmed says:

Farigh Ho bohut?

Harris says:

Dagha Rora!

CIA: Nahi.

Harris: Aray wah!!! :) Even I had this word in mind. Is it really a word waisay?

Anonymous says:

Try explaining that to the kids for whom the alphabet books are meant for

Anonymous says:

Even Rora sound with "R" not "ڑ" the second r though sounds like "ڑ"

Anon: I did, and I was speechless when my niece constantly bombarded me with her "WHYs"! And that's why I feel there's a strong need for a word starting with Rey [There's not even a matching English alphabet for it] :|

Anonymous says:

That means you are not a good teacher :P
Its the beauty of our language we have the sounds that no other language has and that is one of the reasons i love this language

best post ever?

Anon: I admit I'm not :( It is indeed a good thing that we have alphabets like these and we know how to pronounce them but then how do we teach this to the little inquisitive minds?

Vaqas: You rate!

Anonymous says:

The little inquisitive minds are really clever and should not be under estimated, if you give them good enough reasoning they understand but for that you need to learn the skill of expressing in a way that they will accept.

Pose a solution sentence please

Anonymous says:

That depends on the actual question and the child
but for actual example what i did with my niece was guide her towards sound rather than the word and she understood it

Nahiii, I'm talking about how to justify that pahaar starts with both 'pey' and 'Rey'?
Maybe your niece is an innocent, docile kid, mine's not! :(

Samz says:

Wah "ڑے" keya post hai

Haha... Now that's the word I was looking for! :D
Thanks for the help :)

Samz says:

You are welcome

so now can we claim that we have found something? urdu adbiyat waalay aur ferooz ul lughaat walay kahan hain, i am available for an interview!

(BTW abhi tak woh aik hi white hair hai?)

White hair? Sadly, yes! :(

But I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you. Even earlier today I wanted to write to my Anon commenter to use his/her real name. It's really hard to keep track of all the Anon readers.

And if you please use your real name, I might recognize you instantly. Hope you know you're on "Dinky Mind's blog" :)

Sameer says:

Samz = Sameer


Ah, okie. I now remember :)

WildFire says:

Moving from anonymous to the nick i used to use some years back... i hope it wont be difficult to differentiate from other anonymous's
getting back to the topic well i did simply tell my niece there is no word starting with it but its the sound and gave examples of other objects having "ڑ" in them which she used to use more frequently and somehow no more questions.
There is no word "ڑے" it should have alif at the beginning to make it a proper word it is a word from sindhi slang or the deformed sindhi

Maybe you're a good teacher or she's a good student!
Is it really a sindhi word? And what does it mean?

WildFire says:

Well i dont know if i am a good teacher but yes my niece is a brilliant student, one of the best in her class.
Yes it is a sindhi word and it is kind of similar to "Arey" in urdu but it has wider uses than the urdu word.

Samz says:

I don't know whether its a sindhi word or not, but kisi baloch se jab kabhi baaat karo tu woh us word ko zaroor use kartay hain maybe instead of رے

I have copied some lines from somewhere
بجلی ہم کو دیو ڑے ۔ ۔۔ وشملے
بجلی سے یہ کہو ڑے ۔ ۔ ۔ وشملے
گرمی سے مر گیا ، سارا شہر ڈر گیا
گرمی سے مرو ڑے ۔ ۔ ۔ وشملے ۔ ۔

courtesy to Azhar ul haq


Samz says:

Courtesy urduweb.org*

فیروز اللغات میں ڑ سے ڑوڑا لکھا دیکھا تھا۔ اور یہ اسی روڑا کی ایک شکل ہے جو کسی کے کام میں اٹکاتے ہیں۔ اللہ جانے صاحب لغت یہ لفظ کیوں کر اور کہاں سے لائے ہیں۔ ویسے فرہنگ آصفیہ کے مطابق ڑ اپنی ثقالت کے باعث کسی لفظ کے شروع میں نہیں آتا۔

i have a word pronounced as "rhorha" (not the pushtu wala). i'm not sure if its a valid word in the urdu dictionary, but it definitely exists in my dictionary at least...it means a big bump (like the kind u get when u bump your head),,, and at least i pronounce it like this ڑوڑھا

hahaha very interesting...

ح()ڑ(ڑ پیدل)پشتو مین هی بهایی جیسا کی
جس کا مطلب ....لت پت هونا..... ی

Anonymous says:

جی ھاں پشتو میں کئی الفاظ موجود ہیں جو "ڑ" سے شروع ہوتے ہیں ۔ مثلاََ "ڑومبے" یعنی پہلی یا اس سے پہلی / پہلا ،،،، ڑوند یعنی اندھا وغیرہ

ڑ سے ڑوند


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