Violating Dress Code

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I went to my oldie university to get registered for the convocation. Because I didn't have BU's ID card, I wore IBA's card - all they need to see is some kind of a card hanging down your neck! Silly! So I approached the entrance gate and the guard stopped me to check my tiny handbag with a metal-detector. He was about to say, "Go" but stopped.

Guard: "Aap ne neechay jeans pehni hui hein"
Me: "To jeans uper pehentay hein?"
Guard: "Jeans allowed nahi"
Me: *using my last tool* "I'm a visitor.
Guard: *gives way* "Jaaiay!"

So, I was saved! =D Took the visitor pass and walked in. But it was surprising to see all those students in proper dress pants and shirts. Oh, and proper shoes too - no slippers. Seemed like a strong wave of civilization swept through the nooks and corners of the university. Good change, I say. At least its better to look at people in proper, full clothes than looking here and there, guiding your emaan. [And no,  people still don't stop practising PDA in proper dresses]. Lol. And know what, for the jeans and the good long shirt I was wearing, I was titled as "IBA ki bigri hui" by a friend of mine =D And in response I sighed at her 'tarsa-pan' =P Hahaha.

Oh, and when I was compiling all the necessary documents and filling the form, I saw people murmuring, "OMG, she's wearing jeans!!!!" Lol. And when I once walked past a bunch of students, I heard someone say, "Jeans??? How on earth did she manage to get in??? She's even got her ID card!!". Hahahah... And I turned around to see if my wrong dress code helped her faint or not =P

Although a friend of mine had told me that jeans are not allowed anymore. But you know me, Dinky Mind - the name says it all! =D Plus a goldfish memory! =P I plainly forgot.

I'm sure the university authorities had shown some clemency if the students were kind enough to stay in their pants and not digress limits of sanity and decency! And if they had stopped wearing crop tops (yes, I'm exaggerating) and skin-fitted jeans and see-through dresses, the situation would have been better. But pretty girls fulfill this 'shouq' of theirs by wearing straight pants and awful-looking coulottes with tinky minky shirts on their K2-like bodies! How should they be told to avoid wearing dresses that don't suit them! Grrr. Sillyness unlimited!

Now this reminds me of a point I once read in the IBA's policy of dress code. It stated, at the end of all those points that no-one follows, "Dupatta is recommended!" See, how politely they say it, and the girls follow this one point with great reverence. =D

Dress well!

Cheerio folks =)

PS: Prayers needed. Exams starting from.... TOMORROW!!! *faints* =(



Haseeb says:

Welcome Dinky Mind in 2010 , but as ur Exam is on your Head , So no hard Talk ........ Be Safe ..... Nd Gud Luckz for Examz..........

........................: )


Good luck for your exams!! :)

Haseeb: Oh, that reminds me I never wished a happy 2010 to my readers =$ Thanks for prayers =)

Siras: Thankoooo =D

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