I Feel You

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Today, while studying Finance, I put my playlist on shuffle and this song popped up. And I closed my books, plugged in my earphones, pressed the repeat button and peacefully heard this song with my eyes closed. Awww, ahmazing!!!

And here you go with the lyrics:

I feel You...
In every stone
In every leaf of every tree
you´ve ever grown
(That you ever might have grown)

I feel you...
In every thing
In every river that might flow
In every seed you might have sown

I feel you...
In every rain
In every beating of my heart
Each breath i take
(In every breath i´ll ever take)

I feel you...
In every tear that i might shed
In every word i´ve never said

I feel you...

Enjoy! =)

PS: Pray for my exams puhleaseeee.... =( These are finals and I'm so not taking them seriously =(



This is one of my favourite songs :)

Haseeb says:

Who Said u r not taking it Seriously , ..... Your are Very Seriously........... Non Serious....

Well............. Gud Luck

Ubeee: Me likes a lot!

Haseeb: Lol. Thanks. Keep praying.

Anonymous says:


u r not gona get a second chance ....

Grrrr... I know =( I detest exams now!

kuch nahi hosakta... gone case hay yeh...

Anonymous says:

hhmmmmmm @ song
i have a very weird taste of music =(

gud luck wid exams :D

Feeling finance these days? ;)

UTP: Sans doubt! =D

YWB: Lol. KOi baat nahi. Hota hay =P

Asma: Haye, don't remind me of it. I'm done with exams. It's history now. Shoo. =D

This indeed is a BEAUTIFUL song... :)

PS: I love ur blog theme! (Y)

Awww thankoo. And good to see you back after soooooooooo long =D

Anonymous says:

Beautiful blog:) and beautiful song too.

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