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Now the title does sound funny, but let me explain it.

The story is very simple. My original name, Umema A. Siddiqi, starts with U (just in case you still didn't notice :P). And unfortunately, U, being the *counts on fingertips* 21st alphabet, gets a lower place in the attendance sheet =( That day, our proffy was distributing final exam papers "according to Alphabetical Order" :/ And know what, we've got a huge class. Like 70 students! So my name gets a place in the last few names of the list. Please ignore the 2-3 Z-starting names like Zainab, Zahid or Zerrita. And regrettably, there are no V-, X-, and Y-names. Even the chances of Waqar, Wilayat or William are near to zero percent :( Hence, for your ease, my name comes at the end (almost) of the attendance list =(

Back to the exam results now. Instead of calling people to discuss marks according to marks obtained - and I would've been in top 3 - our dear proffy adopted the attendance sheet order! :/ Now I found this stupid rule at the name of Adnan Khan Afridi. Too bad, because Adnan's second in the list after Abid Iqbal. And for the next hour and a half - till my turn could come - I drummed fingers, gritted teeth, memorized the useless question paper, played noughts and crosses with my ownself, read an article on the proffy I detest the most, and finally started yawning and staring at the lousy, stupid wall clock which was moving at snail's speed :/

And while waiting (and besides doing the above-mentioned activities) I was suggested by a classmate of mine to change my name. And I had already thought of changing it from Umema to Omema, even just to beat Omer Khan and the followers in the list. You see, many people have their names starting from Muhammad or from the letter S - Sara, Safina, Sameer and So-on =P   ... So, this classmate of mine and I decided to change my name to one of the following:

  • Muhammad Umema A. Siddiqi
  • Omema A. Siddiqi
  • Omema Shaikh (yeah, one of our classmates thinks I'm Shaikh)
  • Choudhry Umema
  • Abdul-Umema.
  • Malik Omema
  • Syed Umema

And I finally liked Choudhry Umema. Influential and impressive name one should have =P The reason why I didn't choose Abdul-Umema was solely because then my name would be on top of the sheet and I might miss my attendance if I step late in class. Hence, Choudhry Umema! =D

So, Dinky Mind is now known as Choudhry Umema too =D

Cheerio folks =D



Haseeb says:

From now on Choudhry Umema,........
....................Its sound Good and Impressive, But can u bear the burden of such a Name? May be Choudhry Weighs like 100 k ..... lol...........

More suggestions:

Akhrot Umema
Little Umema
Bawarchi Umema :P

Chumpoo says:

If it's all about attendance then change it to Dinky Umema or even Chumpoo Umema. The later one suits on you.

You could have just chosen Bint-e-<your-father's-name>. :)

By the way, what kind of a name is Zerrita? :-/ What does it mean?

Haseeb: I hope I handle that name. Hahaha

Sawj: Hahaha. I like Bawarchi Umema =P

Chumpoo: Chumpoo suits you only. I'm happy with Choudhry =D

Saadat: My father's name is very long. Logoan ko mera naam he samajh nahi aata, chaar baar poochtey hein aur phir bhee ghalat naam se bulatay hein =(
Zerrita means "pollen of a flower" =$ That's what I've been told.

Ha ha...well gender wise Chaudrain Umema would have been more appropriate :P

We kept the gender consideration aside. =D And that's why we came up with such (masculine) names!

i m so sorry to b away from here!

omema shaikh sounds powerful :D

Everyone has a classmate that thinks you're Shaikh :D

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