When Dinky Mind sleeps in class

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, December 29, 2008
I slept around 3:30 am last night. First of all, those evil mosquitoes were feasting on my blood, and secondly I had been wearing my dental retainers. As usual, I wore them after a decade, so I was having extra pain :( I had to take them off in order to sleep. [Taking them off means more pain. Eeks!] Anyways, I slept around 3:30 am and after 10 minutes it was 7:30 am - time to wake up. :/ Got dressed up, picked up my heavy bag (a 2 kg Mac is a huge weight for me to carry), drove with my eyes half opened, and reached the university in 5 minutes. [Yep, I drive real fast when I'm sleepy. I'm weird, I know]. Anyways, in the class I sat in the front row so I could keep my eyes open and my attention focused. But my hands were dead, and I wrote the text in a really incomprehendible (sp.?) writing. After two hours of continuous torture (of staring blankly at the board), we finally got a 15-minute blissful break. Like a robot, I picked up my heavy bag again, and headed towards the back of the hall. There are such comfy 2-seaters over there. I slammed by bag on the arm-rest and rested my head on it. Folded my legs on the sofa, hid my face in arms, closed my eyes and I FELL ASLEEP!! I must have taken a 5 -7 minute nap only. And thankfully there weren't many people in the class at that time, just a few of my friends and that bunch of stupid girls whose hands are glued to their cellphones and they rarely walk out of the class.

That nap refreshed me up so much so that I went to the cafe, had a good bag of chips (aka my breakfast), and skipped the second half of the class =D Evil moi, I know :D



bicharay mosquis must have realized their mistake by now. yikes girl retainers look painful :S, do u really need them :S?

My doc suggested some plastic cover for my teeth coz of their deep bite and extra sensitivity so far I havnt paid attention to him :P

and oye u r not a F1 driver theek haina so just be careful :|

but I fink I am already a fan of ur driving skills :P

Yea, sometimes I do need them just to keep my teeth aligned ;)

Me knows me isn't a good driver, but because I recite Ayat-al-Kursi and other duas, so I firmly believe nothing bad would happen to me (unless I drive with my eyes closed!) :D

How come you've become a fan of my driving? ;)

Anonymous says:

hey 5min you reached UNI waoo so closed to select in FAST n FURIOUS 4 part ... ;)

They must observe Paki talent when they really in driving mood

Pakistan Driving rocks !!

Welcome to my blog, YouTee :)

One disadvantage of living near the university is that I always reach late for my classes :(

and thanks for admiring my driving :) although daily I get weird remarks related to my driving :(

Anonymous says:

thanks !!!

drive save ... =)

You're saying that to the wrong person :D

Anonymous says:

well ....

then save other while driving ;)

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