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Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, December 06, 2008 in
Oh my god! Oh my god! I'm going crazy! I got such an awesome eidi this time :D Not a bakra or gaie or oont or anything, but a MacBook - the NEW MacBook :D MashAllah it's so amazing. I so wanted a MacBook for the past 2-3 years. And Alhamdolillah got it now :D [Ayesma, you buy one too ab] :)

I went to place an order on Dec 3 at Bawany's. The check got cleared in 3 frikkin' days. And in those 3 days, I had to keep the news in my porous stomach. It was seriously too hard. And today, when I went to pick it up around 5 pm, I felt like ...I can't explain that feeling :D Today, when I txted a few of my close friends and told them about the good news, they all were so happy :D Ritz was so happy for me *hugs* :) And so was SD :) He called me from US. Without checking the number on CLI, I picked up the call and recognized him when he said, "Where's my treat k***?" [K*** is a very weird name he has for me :D It's one of those million names he has for me :) ]. Ufff, I wasn't expecting his call, but was so glad to have a congraty call from him :D

And I feel like singing, "Aaj apun ki zindagi ka bohat bara din hay. Aaj to apun naachay ga bhee, aur apun gai ga bhee" :D I'm sure Ayesma must be knowing this song, righto? :P

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:


Di kis nay :O

Aisay ameeer log meray ird gird kiyun nahi rahtay jo MUJHAY tohfay bhi dena chahain .. I'm greeeeeeeen bahna but I'm so happpy for you :D

Allah mubnarak karay, nareal tu nahi phoraa us kayy upar? :P


Abb eidi mujhay bhejh do apni :P

:D Welcome to this side! :D
Want some software recommendations? :P

~Asma: Papa Rulzz!!! :D
Aap ki nayk duaoun ka bey-hadd shukria :D Aray nareal phorr ke qismat nae phorni thi apni - nazuk ss to mac hay mera :P

Eidi bheji nae jaegi, aap aa jaein yahan :P

~Absar: I'm waiting to hear that Mac style mubarakbaad ;)
Oh sure, send me a list :D

MacBrook? :P

Sure, come online sometime, I have a long list of those! :D

~Absar: Lol, yeah :D I'd try coming online some day soon. Or you can email me please. :)

Anonymous says:

WOW!!! I envy you over this.

Anonymous says:


how this makes u a geek :P

Anonymous says:

MacBrook? :P

or 'Mac broke' if it's handled with care. :-)

~DCC: Awww, I pray you get one too :)

~Asma: You just don't know moi : And why crying? :$

~Adnan: Shhh...No Mac-brokes, just Macbrook :D And oh, MacBrook is Mabrook in Mac terms :D

Anonymous says:

haan Haan i know. I know little bit arabic too :D

Anonymous says:

karachi may bahir lekar na nikalna chanda <3

Anonymous says:

MacEid Mubarak! :P

Anonymous says:

Belated Eid and Macbook mubarak!

And I hate you for making me jealous...

Anonymous says:

mubarkaaan..have fun using it;)

~Adnan: Lol... So you got it then? ;)

~Asma: Jee, tijori banwa rahi houn aaj kal :P

~Saadat: Lol... Thank you :D

~Sawj: Oh, and I'm so happyyyy :P

~An Illusion: Thanks :D And I'm having loaaadsa fun using it :P

Anonymous says:

since over a month has passed... i am sure you must have explored much the macbook.. how did you like it ?

cuz I had read some really disappointing reviews regarding that...
do share your experience if you feel like!

~ Jingoist: I don't find anything wrong with my Mac. I wanted this for a long time. So it's like a dream come true :D

~Adnan: I checked this thing in the morning. So wanted to blog about it but got busy. But just like MacBook Air, I dont find it that attractive.

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