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Momma: "Look at you...You're becoming skinnier day by day"
Me: "Nnnooo...I'm still 40 kgs :)"
Momma: "Okay..." *thinks* "Look at your arms and your wrist...It's shrinking for sure"
Me: *smiles* Come to the main point, Momma :)
Momma: *says flatly* You're going to start drinking Nesvita now!"
Me: *makes a bad face* NO!
Momma: "Yes! Now go and drink a big mug of it"

I don't like drinking milk - especially 'dabbay walay'. I just don't like their taste. And as usual I didn't like the taste of Nesvita. It's like adding water to Nido :/ But since I had to drink that evil mug, Momma suggested to add some sugar and Ovaltine to it. I like unsweetened milk. Adding sugar to it makes it taste so...sweet! [Lol! Sorry, I couldn't find a better adjective :p] Anyways, I'm back to un-dabba-ed milk :D And I like it! It's so so much better than Nido/Nesvita. Oh, and that reminds me that the only tetra-packed milk I like is Olpers :D

Enough buraiyaan for today. :P

Have a blessed day.

Stay healthy. Drink Olpers :P

Cheerio folks =)



this is funny.. i dont like milk at all.. packaged or that so called khaalis n taza wala..

n nooooo sugar???? :O(
i mean, how can u even bear the smell n taste of milk widout addin sugah to it... kwaazzzzeeeee =p

Why do I have this feeling that you were paid by your "doodh wala" for this post?

Like, c'mon, preferring khula doodh over dabbafied one? :/

Anonymous says:

@Shuaib: I'm with you man!

@DM: Khula milk is so heek-wala! I like dabbay wala milk (powdered or liquid). And you're just 40 kgs? That's less than half my weight!

40 kg????? what??? hey all please let her drink whatever she want because she badly need anything..

Anonymous says:


40 kg is under-weight dear. Its really really under-weight. 90 pounds. ARe you NUTS? Mal nourished? :P

I too like dhoodh-walay ka dhoodh. Dabbay wala dhoodh is so powdered and stuff ... totally hate it =(

Laikin whatever milk you like ... drink it. Goodness.

I feel like coming over and giving you a good lesson :D

Anonymous says:

40 Kgs... Aziza, you can ill-afford to be choosy about milk at this stage!

Drink milk. Dabbey wala. Gaye wala. Oont wala.

If I gave you 15 Kgs, we'd both be healthy.

~Umuj: Yep, no sugar. Or 1/2 tsp at max! I consider milk as a medicine :D

~Shuaib: When the dabbafied doesn't taste good, you have to go for the "khula" one :|

~Sawj: Koi nae heek-wala. It's just people like you and my bro who think it's "heek wala" or "khatta" :/

~F@dz: Lol. It's 40 kgs, not 14 kgs :P Plus, I eat a lot of greasy french fries, so someday I will weigh 60 kgs (if that what you think is normal weight) :(

~Asma: Me isn't nuts. My height ke sath this weight is perfectly fine :D (ab don't ask my height, okay?)
*shakes hands* we both are indeed sistas :D Dabbafied milk is ganda. BUS!

~knicq: I think I made a mistake in writing my weight :( but if i gain 15 kgs, I'd look like a football. Really. Those who have seen me know I shouldn't be even 41 kgs :)

yea, i agree to the last reply...
Dinkzzz, dont'cha dare gain even a single kilo, coz dat wud make u luk lyk alllooooos =p
hmm, miss bigggg potato head =p

Uh... I've heard anyone who weighs 40 kilos say ke they're not dubla... Well that's not entirely untrue of them waise bhi.. they're NOT dubla.. they're maheeen!

And what's it been like.. 4 years since your blog has had this look? Change it already! ;)

Anonymous says:

40 kg?!

What's your body mass index?

~Umuj: Lol. You better gain some weight. Even I'm fatter than you :P

~Absar: Once I told my friend that I walk for 40 minutes daily and she almost fainted. Said, "someday you'd just diffuse in air!" :( I want to keep myself fit, not fat!
Oh, so you were counting? :P

~Saadat: Its 17 :$ And why is everybody so astonished to hear 40 kgs? You think girls should be 75 kgs or so? Taubah!

Anonymous says:

Ahan. 17. Did you enter your age and change your gender to female as well? And did you check the box that tells your "Body Description"?

And yes, girls should be fit, but there's a difference between being fit and being underweight.

Anonymous says:

absolutely underweight chanda. How bad your height can be 4 feet 8 inches? :P

Seriously. Ping me when you come online now DINKY >_<

take 10 kg from me straight away :P

Anonymous says:

Nice way to lose weight Asma!

I THINK 60 KG IS alright for girls with height near to 5 ft.

~Saadat: Lol...yeah. Itna perhna to mujhe bhe aata hay :D I want to be healthy, not fat. So I'm fit, not underweight :)

~Asma: Nahhhh! Puhleez dont say like that. My height is quite better than 4 feet 8 inches :)

~Sawj: Btw, you also look quite girlish :P Maintain yourself, Sawj :D

~F@dz: 60 kgs? I seriously dont want to look like a football :D

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