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Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, November 10, 2008 in
A Barbie doll with a barbie house. I feel like a munna bacha.
Plus, I want a good book to read. Puhleez, suggest me some really nice books.



Anonymous says:

In the Line of Fire by Pervaiz Musharraf. :P

Anonymous says:

Hmmm hmmm thinking :P

Anonymous says:

A munna bacha would like more to play with dinky cars. Barbie dolls are for munni bachiyan. :P

As for books... have you read the Shahabnama? :D

~Sawj: Oh yep, I've to borrow it from my Nani Ammi :)

~Asma: Hmmmm hmmmmm waiting :P

~Saadat: I don't like the word bachi :/ But I like barbie dolls :) And their sandals :P
Nah, haven't read it. I'm actually begging my dad to bring me Wasi Shah's books :(

Anonymous says:

Salamz DM: How have you been?

Have you found something to read yet?

Shahabnama is such a great suggestion. There is always Yousufi of course.

See if you can get your hands on Catch-22, Joseph Heller - its one of my all time favorites. Or go find a Wodehouse book :)

You could always pick up The Holy Quran with translation. :)

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