OLPM again!!!!

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Those who know the meaning of OLPM need to stay quiet (SD, you especially) and those who don't know what it means should not even ask for it. Not a good word, I tell you :P

Anyways, coming back to the topic. Our beloved maidservant has gone on a 2-week vacation. Mommyyyy.... :'( She manages the house so well that Ammi and I have grown fat, like REAL fat! So, in these 2 weeks of her absense, we both can lose weight to a great extent!

I can do everything - like ironing a million clothes, and I seriously enjoy doing laundry and cooking and baking, and I don't even mind jharoofying or pochafying the place, but cleaning the bathrooms....it's one thing that almost kills me! I want my bathroom to be all dry and stink-free! But this lil brother of mine fumes me up by saying, "I just can't hold this wiper! And hence, I'm not going to wipe the bathroom", and then he teases me more and runs away! Why on earth are brothers like that??? Tell me, does any wiper weigh 50 kgs? Nahi na? Then why the heck can't he just take 2 and a half minutes out of his stupid busy schedule to wipe the idiotic bathroom???? ARGH!!!! And when the toothpaste 'accidently' flows out of the tube into the washbasin, he just makes an ultra innocent face and says, "mein ne kuch nahi kia, so please clean it!" And I swallow my anger and enter the wet bathroom!

God, and at the end I have to clean it, obviously. But sharing your bathroom with kiddy bros or sistas isn't a neat idea at all.

Cheerio folks =(



*whispers to dinko, wats OLPM???

ok can u do dish washing? if yes I am hiring you foran foran, u will get to bake too :P

~Acro: Eid nae hay aaj :P

so khalee eid pay u work :P haw jabhee fatsoo

Anonymous says:

Ohh whats OLPM, oh you wise dinky? :P

Bushy's so cute and u so rude to the cuteness ... and the internship is ending in 6 days naa?? Wana get re-hired at my place? ;)

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i wish you bad luck if you don't tell me what does OLPM mean :p

~Acro: Oye! :P

~Asma: He was cute! Ab bara ho gaya hai na :(
Nopes, now that the rainy season has started, I'd prefer staying at home and enjoy the rains with cute Aashoo :D

~Harris: Me wont tell, ever!!! :P

so when Aashoo will grow up u will be rude to her tooo, tsk tsk wat a khala :P

~Acro: Uff tauba, it's not like that. Baby girls are way better than baby boys. :P Aashoo is a baby girl, but Bushi isn't a baby!

Anonymous says:

and that is the reason why Maids should be paid what they want...!!!


Ladies & Gentleman (if any), OLPM stands for On Line Property Management but it also stands for --censored by author--.

~UTP: Lol, yeah. Never tungofy them or your home would smell like rotten fish! :D

~Hina: Lol...Nice attempt! :P Only my sista and SD know about OLPM :P Awww... :P

haw dicrimination hai against Baby boys, *starts protesting with bushi :P

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