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Why don't we often use the word "Please"? I really dislike (and I know others dislike this thing too) when someone asks me for a favor without saying PLEASE.
Does it take a lot of your energy or is this practice against your set of rules?!

Please, increase the use of the word "Please" in your daily conversations. It gives a nice impression.

Cheerio folks =)



Anonymous says:

yea, that is sooo true...
tho, i do the same most ov the times but i agree 100 percent...

PLEASE, can i have my racket, chocs, pen, books, ice cream, hmmm n whatelse, oh yea, n my password back...

YOUR racket? YOUR chocs? YOUR pen? YOUR books? (yeah, well, your books, right right)..and where did this YOUR ice-cream come from???

n YOUR pword??? *eyes gaped in amazement*

PLEASE, don't ask me for anything else.


All things are mine *evil laugh*


Anonymous says:

oh....*eyes wide open in surprise*

dun u remember, all those things u stole from me, by bullying me...

PLEASE, dun hurt me afta this comment...

oh PLEASE, gimme a break!!! You mean to say all those things were yours???

And what did you just call me??? A BIG FAT BULLY???

Now, you just PLEASE wait for the consequences!!!

Anonymous says:

oh, PLEASE o mighty one, bully ov the bullies...dun harm me!!
im just a small boy, with very little lunch money, u can have it like u always do, but PLEASE dun hurt me....
btw, what did u have in mind for the consequences?
PLEASE tell me...

Anonymous says:

So dinky mind is fat. Thanks for the info Umuj! :P


Please can i have your email address
and PLEAZEEEE can i have your password,

plz plz pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

Anonymous says:

hhehe kasam say ppl demand things and dont even say plzzzzzzzzzzzz ,,, :/

and lolz at all above comments :)

remember me please:)

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