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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, September 07, 2006 in
We were having our second class of Finance today, when our teacher started bombarding his financial vocabulary on his poor students. At first, we, the ultimate illiterates, tried to hear carefully and make sense out of what he was saying, but at one point, half of the class went asleep. Those sleepy students were frequently disturbed by our teacher's erratic intonation. And finally, we all woke up after some time and really really sat attentive and tried listening to him very carefully. He was trying his level best to teach us the types of Financial Markets, when I, utterly confused and ultra sleepy, looked weirdly at Ossy (sitting next to me) and made a twisted face.

Ossy: *whispers* "What happened? Aren't you getting this thing?"
Me: *confused* "It's like he's teaching us in french."
Ossy: *smiles* "But you do know french, don't you?"

Me: *slaps forehead quietly and wonders, "I should have said Hebrew instead of french"*

Pray that I pass this course.

Cheerio folks =(



Anonymous says:

hmmm...u knw what...u can hire a tutor for Fund. of Finance n i knw just the person...il refer u to that tutor, awight?

aur ghar mein soya karo na, class mein phir neend nahen aye gi, kaun si movie dekhi thi last night? j/k

lagi raho beta!

Anonymous says:


tres bien ;)

dumdum :P

oho!!!! kidher ho larki... finance key chakkar mein dobay dobay rehtay hain:-D
wheres my birthday wish girlie..
bewafa logo!
nd yep urs too:-D

Anonymous says:

I seriously admire people who sleep during university lectures and merely tries to concentrate on what the lecturer is saying, but can't do so, and tries to pass the subject by merely praying for themselves.

I might feel like being sarcastic. But believe me, I am not. Somewhere on the timeline, I myself have become the very type. Sometimes I just wish I would hit my head hard into a wall, and somehow get that ultimate talent of being able to concentrate on lectures which I had back in school.

May be we just get spoiled in universities. Or, are we just not lucky enough like the ones who are granted the concentrating ability for life time?


Take care.

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