This is not fair!!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, March 06, 2006 in
The whole world can view our blogs, excpet for us (Pakistani bloggers).
Why has Pakistan Telecommunication Authority banned our blogs???

I don't seem to get the reason. Can anybody please explain.

Cheerio =(



This is all Govt's prevention acts to keep the exposure of Blasphemous cartoon away from the ppl of Pak which has posted by somebody on his/her blog. That's the matter of discussion hot these days.

I sympathize with you! You can read about this on my blog :) Banning websites generally (instead of specifically targetting those that show the caricatures) is absurd & seems to me a lack of technical knowledge (although I am no expert). Also, banning the websites after the caricatures have been floating around for several months is funny (delayed reaction?). Anyways, you can read about how Pakistanis feel about the action at ( http://newsforums.bbc.co.uk/ws/thread.jspa?threadID=632).

Some people living in Europe have not only commended the government's action but have also recommended a ban on the television!!!

Anonymous says:

i think they banned us cuz of new generation of journalists, and not for caricature,

Why did they ban us when Bush visited Mush.


no fair......
u have all ma sympathy....

Yeah not fair at all ... but i think this ban has been lifted ... i can open everything at th moment :)

try again :)

maybe they didnt want u to read any post for a week :P.

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