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Posted by Dinky Mind on Thursday, March 30, 2006 in
Almost daily you see billboards bearing the word TOLET and a phone number.

(Not long ago) When I was a kid, I would mispronounce this word as TOILET and would often wonder why is there a phone number there. I would think, probably they wrote it so people could dial this number and ask the person where the nearest restroom is! But then, one day, 3 billboards in a row saying TOLET caught my attention and made me think, "Why can't people use their "own" restrooms rather than calling others and using theirs. What is the emergency?"

Now, I have figured out what ToLet is, and why do they write a phone number there. But this thing still amuses me. Tell me honestly how many of you knew that the word on the billboards is TOLET and not TOILET.

Cheerio =)




Anonymous says:


ch ch ch... well people learn from their mistakes... like I have ;o)

Adios Amigo & keep up the good work

Anonymous says:

LOL:D Tell u what..i used to think exactly the same thing:D:D:D

Anonymous says:

hey... me too... used to think exactly the same

yeh, sometime ago, but i knew what 'to let' meant.

have a look at this:

Anonymous says:

Ahahaha! Dumbo Dinky Mind! :P :)

hahahah I used to think the same too lol.

I guess all Dinky Minds think alike :P

reminds me of times, when we added I to tolet boards :))

lolz ........... how bewaqooof ... by the way ... abhi tu nahi par bachpan may may bhi yahi samjhti thi ;)

uph really i'm also tired of this blog ban now !!!!!

enjoy your life :)


So, there are many stupids out there like me!

you are not the only one.. ham bhi haan qataar main :p

I always thought why the hell they write TOILET over an empty billboard when there wasn't any existence of restroom in the first place.

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