Women Rights? Yes, Women Rights!

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Hello folks, this of my post is an answer to Waqas Ashraf's post 'Women Rights, what?' This post should be read by all those people who neglect women rights.
[Please be kind to read Waqas' post first and then mine. Thankyou]

Women population of the world is less than that of men. We live in a male-dominated society, where women are highly suppressed. In order to give them their due rights and share of the society, these women-oriented socities work for them. For example, when a girl is born in a rural family, the husband either opts for a second marriage, or simply finish the case by killing, burning or abusing his own wife. Why? Can you answer me why? Look [V], you can't take just one stand, you have to consider the other side too. Think about the unjust behaviour that men have towards women. Tell me is a woman safe when she is travelling in a public transport? DOn't the guys just stare at her for long? Don't they, at times, harass her, and want to frighten her just for their enjoyment? Why do you think we have a separate women compartment in
buses? Just because to protect them, to save them from being stared awkwardly. But are the men of our society that sane to understand this? Some of them are, but what about others: the majority?

Look, not every woman is bad. Every woman does not give her 'sharam-o-haya' up when becoming a member of such organisations. If you guys can grow up hair to shoulder length (or even more), why can't the women cut them down to get a more desirable and more fashionable haircut? You also don't cut them for fashion. Don't you? Let me tell you, women are allowed by Islam to do fashion!(Now, that's a different thing that they fail to realise the degree to which they are allowed). Look at the world closely. Sharam-o-haya sirf aurtoan main say nahi, balkay mardoan main say bhee khatam hoti jaa rahi hay! Men are allowed to do anything (torture or inflict other horrendous crimes on women or even just stare at them) just because they are MEN: the bread winners! But, ever noticed, if a woman stares at some unknown guy or she has accidently passed a stranger with her face unveiled, their 'izzat-daar' men send their poor women six feet down the earth. Is this justice? No, that's vengeance! That's the satisfaction men get from suppressing their women. That's the only way to secure their 'izzat and waqar' in their communities or clans. Women rights organisations work for these women, protect their rights. You have talked about share of women in jobs. I say, there 'should' be special quota for women in jobs. Don't they have the right to earn their money? Women should have equal rights. Equal means equal! But does the world follow this thing? The principle laid by Islam? Equality, and justice! Remember that?!

You talk about 'Ladies first' sign, have you ever noticed, are ladies, everytime, given the first priority? If they are, then tell me are they treated with due kindness and justice, or merely by disturbing stares?!? Tell me have you ever noticed justice in this case? I mean, for example, when a firm recruits new staff, why do they choose 3 women and 7 men? Why not 5 women and 5 men? Why not giving equal rights to women? Why are some women ill-treated at working
place? Why are not men treated the same way? If, after so much injustice, these women remain silent then they are fools! Literally fools! And just to support them and to protect their basic rights, these women-rights organisations are set up! To give them awareness of thier rigths, to make them powerful and strong.

I dont get one thing. At one place you are saying women should be different from men, i.e. they should stay at home, shouldn't go to work (that includes office work, teaching, being a doctor, a school bus driver-I have seen one- lawyer, and being a pilot, etc.), and at the other place, you want them to stand in men's queues at banks and stand in buses as the men do. Which side of the topic are you actually supporting?? If you think that women have more priviliges than men then you are, to some degree, wrong! I must tell you the fact. They do stand in buses when the bus becomes overcrowded. They do stand in long queues when their men are out for (their more busy) work. Why don't you notice men standing in women's queues at banks or sitting in women's compartment in buses, when they even have their own. Can you tell me why? Why, when they have more space as compared to women, they occupy their (women's) space?

Women do work hard as men! Women play a significant role in the running of this country. Who is Zubaida Jalal then? Why is she the Education Minister? How has she reached such a high post? Who is Benazir then? What about those women who are the CEOs of some leading companies? Aren't they hardworking? They work as hard as men, and their posts and salaries speak of it! As you have talked about men's right, I must tell you that men do not need organisation or societies to support them! Or do they? Does anybody question them when they torture their wives, when they abuse other women? It is only women who appears a lucrative toy to men.If you say that a women's place is at home, then do the men keep them happy at home? Are the women not urged to work to keep their family alive? Or do men have such handsome salaries to keep their wives and chidren happy for years to come? Why do you neglect those women who go to factories to earn some money to buy bread. Have you ever noticed their lives? If these women rights organisations are not going to help them, then tell me would you go and give a mere 50 rupee note to them? Since our society is male-dominated, men rarely pay heed to women rights.

The world is moving very fast. If you stand by the stream and look it flowing by, you wont progress. You have to flow with it! And this is what we Pakistani's are not doing. We are not progressing! Women have still not found a respectible place in the society. They are still tortured and abused as before. Women-rights organisations are still working to their best to save women from unjust behaviour. These organisations are termed futile and useless because they are threatened by men. They, too, are suppressed! If you think we are progressing then tell me why do we hear people say things such as,"Aurat ghar ki izzat hoti hay. Ghar main rahay to behtar hay, bahar niklay to goli maar do"? If you seriously want your women to stay at homes, then please keep them with honour, and dignity and do not mentally torture them, or urge them to step out of the house. Aurat waqai ghar ki izzat hoti hay, magar kia koi usay izzat say rakhta hay???




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