Errrr... Am extremely enraged!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Saturday, December 11, 2004 in
First of all this Haloscan is not working properly! Hafsa, I wanted to comment on your recent post, but Haloscan ain't working. Sorry!
Then, there's this Orkut, which shows 'Bad bad server...' every now and then. Going to leave it in some days!
Then there's this Hello. I have downloaded it, but now this Stoopid ME doesn't know how to run it!
Then I want to download some, better say alot of, Anasheeds. But again, my net gets disconnected too frequntly. *Just hate that*
Then I have got loadsa stuff to memorise this weekend, but dunno how am I gonna do it all! *Get some piece of mind*
Then, I met Hiru (one of my seniors) that day, and she, too, failed to recognise me. Now I am planning to keep a board bearing my name every time I step out! I haven't changed!!!! That's same ol' ME!
Then, since I am quite angry right now, I forgot to greet you guys. So, Assalam-o-Alaikum dear Bloggers. *really sorry*
Then I have to make a lot of changes in both of my blogs, and I am not getting time to do that. *This is what I have been thinking of doing for ages*
Then, I need to update, but I don't know what to write. So, Blink Blog, would you please be kind to help me write a 'productive' post? *Or anybody else may also help me*
Then, I needa get off the computer and eat something. So, I better leave. *food-o-meter shows empty*
Cheerio every buddy! *Am still furious*



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