Yay..Federer is the champion!!! Yahooo....

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, July 05, 2004 in
Oh, I'm so glad Federer won Wimbledon. He is the best player!!!!
Yesterday, when me and my brother were watching the match, he (my brother) plainly said,"Your player is not in a good form today. I don't think he'll win". I just mumbled,"yeah, seems so". But inside, I was praying for him to win. My brother was supporting Roddick, as he was playing very good at that time, but I was ,as always, supporting Federer. The first set Federer lost (4-6)[urgh], and in the second, when Roddick broke his serve (when the score was 4-4), I thought, now he can't win. I was getting too disappointed by his game. So, once I decided to switch off the TV and get ready for the dinner. I was constantly praying for his success (I am saying as if I'm his coach =). Khair, I came back from the dinner and asked my younger brother about the match. He said, "I don't know". I almost screamed at him,"What were you doing then?" He fired back, "Playing PS". I started cursing that stupid PS. I was quite tired and angry so I went to bed early. And now in the morning, after Fajr prayers, I'm here on the net. First opened Wimbledon's site, while it was loading, I was thinking what will I see next? Roddick holding the trophy??? NOOOO... Oh, the site finally opened and I read, "Federer Finesse Foils Roddick" and saw Roger kissing the trophy. Wow, so my prayers worked! I was glad, and I still am. Yay!!!
So, nothing new today, except that I'm planning, just planning to study Awful Accounting, and also planning to sketch something. Letsee, if I succeed in my plans!
Adios Amigos.



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