Finally, recuperating!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Wednesday, July 28, 2004 in
Assalam o alaikum readers....
I'm here with nothing new. I mean everything is going very plainly...no fun in life...just pain...like the pain in my ear...which has Alham-do-illah reduced a lot...and now I am able to, atleast, act sensible and work properly. A few days ago, the pain intensified so much so that I couldn't keep my face straight for a second. And that's true! My face would always lock in a scowl. Terrible pain it was. And guess what, once my mommese nursed my ear with Dettol ....ssss....painful...isn't it? But at that time she showed some mercy... I mean she didn't press my ear as hardly as she did the second time. And, when the first time, she cleaned my ear with that Dettol-soaked-cotton-bud, I felt a little pain. After that cleaning was over, I started making comical sounds, such as ooooo, whoopsy, meow, meow, meow, yumm, etc. cuz I didn't feel much pain, and I was like 'okay, I can bear that.' But I don't know what happened to her the second time. I guess she just realised that my "quwwat-e-bardaasht" is very good =) When she started cleaning my ear, I just stuffed my dupatta in my mouth, so that my screams could not be heard outside.  And at that time, I was tightly holding my sister's hands, and was also occasionally kicking her *I'm sorry*  I hope you realise how painful it was. Tears meandering down my burning cheeks.

When my mommese finished that "surgery", she showed me the thread which she "plucked out", and also the tissue paper, and cotton bud, and said calmly, "See, nothing happened. Everything will be ok soon. Stay calm. Stay cool." But readers, you don't know me. My perfect eye sight just scanned the tissue paper, and I almost jumped when I fired a question, "What is this??? These little red drops??? Blood???" And before she could answer, I again started crying. Oh, the worst pain of my life. But now, as I said earlier, my ear is healing, and I'm quite relieved.  

In the end, I'd say, "I'm glad that with the grace of God, and the efforts of my mommese, everything is quite serene now. I'm happy that from now onwards, I'd be able to study ('cuz that unbearable pain kept me away from all of my activities). I'd also say that my mommese is THE BEST mom in the whole world. Thankyou mommese."




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