Hey! I've seen you somewhere!

Posted by Dinky Mind on Monday, August 06, 2012
Have you ever come across people who, after looking at you, instantly go like, "Hey! I've seen you somewhere!" No?

I have! And this is a bit annoying, since they can't recall where they have seen me and I...well, my dinky brain completely refuses to recognize them at all! I don't know if my brain is too rusty or if they're just trying to strike a conversation (at which they fail).

This has happened with me a number of times (half of those I've already forgotten).

1. Some 13 years ago, when my friend and I used to play tennis, her coach once looked at me and went like, "Hey! I have seen you somewhere!". His tone was a bit accusatory. And since I was still a kid, I didn't know how to respond to my unknown crime. I feebly said, "You must have seen me in this court yesterday!" :$ But he was adamant that he had seen me somewhere else. IDC!

2. And 9 years ago, while taking the first class, my A' Levels GP teacher suddenly started scanning me and, with the most curious round pair of eyes, she said, "Oh, I've seen you somewhere!" With an equal pair of curious eyes, I asked, "Where?" and she said "Yemen!" Wow! Of all the places, she had seen me in Sana'a, Yemen. And according to her, I was one of the bright students and ....blah blah blah! Yes, you guessed it right, I've never been to Yemen all my life! :(

3. Oh, 5 years ago, when I was once lazily stepping downstairs in the university, a girl stopped me (she rather came in my way and stood there like a firm statue) and said, "You just went to the restrooms on the right, how could you come downstairs from the left?" She was utterly baffled! And I could only manage to say, "Because I can! I am coming downstairs from the left. You must've seen someone else". But she wasn't in the mood of buying it. She wasted my 3.5 minutes and walked away, still baffled! Lol. [But really, do I have some strange sort of super powers? :P]

4. Fresh from the oven! 15 minutes ago, an artist came to our office (we're working on an ad) and the moment I entered the meeting room and greeted him, his eyes went wide and rather than returning my greeting, he instantly said, "Oh, I've seen you somewhere!" Uh, again! I tried to keep calm and replied, "I'm sorry, but I haven't seen you anywhere"
Him: "Oh, I know! Box Office!!"
Me: "I'm sorry?"
Him: "You work at Box Office, right?"
Me: *wondering what the heck that place is* "No, I work here. I'm a full time employee of this company"
Him: "Part time? Freelancer?"
Me: *ARGH!!! I was totally annoyed. Which language does he understand?* "May we please see your art work?"

Before leaving, since he had to show his stupidity, he asked if I was working on this ad project only and in reality I work somewhere else? ARGH! I felt like throwing the stapler at him. Some people are just too thick!

All those prospective I've-Seen-You-Somewhere cases, please stop bugging me, cuz you can't recall and I simply don't want to put stress on my dinky mind.



I am positive you stalked me in METRO yesterday, and I am not even in Karachi.

Good attempt at striking a conversation, but you have failed!

Anonymous says:

Lolz.. But Believe me I have never seen you anywhere.. btw it seems you have so many photocopies of you around the world...

Lol. I've heard there are 7 copies of each person. Let's see when I meet my next clone :D

One of my friend had a theory that some people have too traditional faces, that anyone seeing for the first time, is going to go, "I've seen you somewhere".

I didn't agree with him, but hey, he just might be right ;)

I guess he is right! My friends say I've got a "familiar" face! Hence, whoever looks at me tries to match my features with someone else. *sigh*

Now that I think of it, we haven't seen you ever. At least I haven't. Blog a pic of yourself, you...! :/

Or may be if you are a hijabified ninja, then don't :P (please understand the humor -- no offense intended, heh!)

Lol. Yes, I am hijabified :D And luckily no one has said I resemble someone after looking at my pictures. It's my real life face that matches with others :D

Haha. Ok cool

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