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So, the Sale season is back in full swing! Billboards are littered with CAPS lock on, red, 150pt SALE! banners, that are bound to widen your eyes with their drool-worthy percentages. And man, do we not wait for this season? Half happiness and satisfaction is already achieved when we see 51% off on sandals and 70% off on home furnishing! Wow! Such a candy to your eyes! You want to avail every best offer in town! I can't comment on others, but, well, at least, I can taste that joy :p

So, while driving towards the Shoppers' Paradise - aka Tariq Road - I see billions of banners and billboards acting like super-strong massive magnets that even your empty wallet cannot repel you from stepping inside the stores. No, you can't just window-shop during this season! You land in that Sale-stricken zone and you see virtually everything on discount! You name it... Sale on Cambridge, Exclusive, J., Bonanza, Stylo, Gul Ahmed, Hush Puppies, Lawrencepur, Nike, Needle Impressions, Pantaloons, Khaadi, Habitt, Subway, Liberty Books... Ahhhh... and sorry to burst your bubble, not Jafferjee's or Jabeen's!

To complement all the advertising fever, a plethora of public is also there, attempting to check out each and every store, to grab the best deals and take back home a truckload of Sale items! But for me, Sale translates into nothing positive! Yes, as much as I visually feast on those billboards, I can never fully take advantage of them! Principally, there are huge parking issues! For a tiny driver like me (who can't even see the bonnet of her car, no matter how much she hops on the seat), there are hardly ever neat parking slots available. And you guessed it right, I detest reversing or squeezing my car to fit between two other wrongly parked cars! Thanks to Dolmen Mall's parking area, you can safely leave your car there and walk only to the adjoining malls/markets/shops! In short, you still miss 75% of the Sale zone!

The rest 25% is no good either! At least, for me! I step into a clothing boutique, and viola! My size just does not exist! I can never wear an M trouser with an L shirt, when I only fit into an S size! *sigh* The disappointment has just begun! Next I step into a sandal outlet and practically drool over all those pretty pumps and sleek sandals. And when I inquire about the size and colors, I'm flatly told that 39 is the smallest size in this particular range! My God! These salesmen are so highly qualified at giving you mini heart attacks! But seriously, I wanted to yell as to where should people of size 37 go to?? *double sigh*. Later, I aimlessly check out the other Sale-flashing stores and by the end of the day, manage to buy one cool Tote bag (not on Sale) and a Jafferjee's wallet (never on Sale)!

My dear readers, I so hope you have at least once (if not always) benefited from Sale, unlike me. But the bottom line is: During Sale season you end up buying things you never intended to! :)

Cheerio folks!

PS: I'm desperately waiting for the Sale season to end now!



I seem to be the only person truly milking sale season. Because stuff my size is abundant and everything else is gone.

Then I presume you're not a normal size!

Anonymous says:

Hey Umema...wb...post after a long time....

Yep. Finally found something to blog about :)

Shuaib says:

Haven't read the post yet, but here is a thumbs up for doing an update! *thumbs up* :P

Lol. Now that's a bit embarrassing :$

Shuaib says:

Hain, why's that? :/ Dinky's dinky mind in action.

Shuaib says:

Your readers get happy to see an update, reassures them you are alive and kicking :P

I've already lost a considerable amount of readership. I write to keep this blog running :)

Shuaib says:

Ah, good ol times. The earliest post I can remember reading on your blog was something about a walk back from college (school?) and some rant about mountain dew, back in 2003/04. The days when blogging was new and exciting. Heh!

Keep the blog alive. Good luck.

That's the good part of having a blog! I can't remember what you're talking about, but I can definitely search my history and read the whole story :D

asma says:

Lolz very true umemoo, When I went to liberty in lahore (it like karachis tariq rd), First day I actually had a bout of depression ... everyone is so crazy after kapray and kapray. its like everyone wants to have 10+ dresses now every season which is such a waste that it saddens me. I felt so old fashioned and so depressed looking at everyone's dresses and even no sales were on ... I love it that im not living there ;)

You need to improve your cash-the-sale tactics though ;) Sales here are heavenly :D

Oh, dress mania has increased 10 times since you left. Women are just crazy about buying clothes now. Maybe by next year the demand of cupboards and hangers would increase significantly :P

And remember, how we used to practically drool and virtually buy sandals online? :D Lol. I so miss those times! *hugs*

And your last sentence is too painful :$ I wish sales here were fun too :(

No worries, you never like the bags on sale but that 150£ leather one looks too hard to resist (but you do resist anyways ;))

And now I only look for kids clothing .. haa time changes :)

I know good ole' times .. I'll send you some links to beautiful shoes I saw this past week

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